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Smartkarma is an innovative new model bringing greater independence and transparency to the research market by harnessing the expertise of independent research providers.
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Smartkarma Independent Research Providers

Diverse Global Providers

Independent Research Providers

Smartkarma’s Insight Providers range from large established independent research firms to research boutiques and independent analysts. Predominantly in-country, they are carefully selected for their experience and expertise.

The Smartkarma Ecosystem


Focus on verticals where coverage is deficient e.g. Event-Driven, ECM and Accounting Risk.

Investment Research Coverage
Event Driven, Thematic and Strategy, Equity Bottom Up, Macro, IPO and Placements


Smartkarma’s coverage spans all market caps. If it is actionable our Insight Providers follow it.

Investment Research Coverage
Market Coverage - Small & Mid-cap Focus


A 40/60 bearish-to-bullish ratio is a true sign of our independence.

Bear Bullish Sentiment Graph
Sentiment legend of Insights on Smartkarma

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Digitally Native

Smartkarma’s cloud-based platform can be accessed anytime and on any device.

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Premium Services

The Next Level of Insight - Calls, Meetings, Financial Models, Corporate Access & Bespoke Projects

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Buy-Side Clients

Portfolio managers and analysts currently subscribed to Smartkarma now have the ability to interact deeper with Insight Providers above and beyond their written insight.

Insight Providers

Smartkarma Insight Providers can enable Premium Services to monetise their research services and increase the breadth of service provided to buy-side clients.

Compliance Wheel

Strict Compliance Protocols

The Smartkarma Compliance Framework has been developed to cater to the needs of the world’s largest financial institutions and asset managers. We use comprehensive policies and best-in-class processes to deliver our compliance solutions.

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Incentives Aligned to Ensure Highest Quality

The Smartkarma platform measures aggregate on-platform interactions to capture the Quantified Value Add (QVA) of every Insight Provider. Insight Providers are rewarded based on their relative QVA. In any given month, the top 20% receive over 70% of the total payout. This neatly aligns consumption to quality and avoids you having to spend valuable time on analyst voting systems.

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Dispersion of payments to Insight Providers

Streamlining Your Daily Workflow

Smartkarma Reading List Dashboard

Receive Fewer E-mails

Our algorithms create unified Reading Lists across hundreds of analysts that are totally personalised to you. This ensures fewer, more relevant notifications and minimal e-mail traffic.

Tools Dashboard

Save Analyst Hours

Track M&A transactions, IPOs, Holding Companies without having to build and update models. Stay focused on the decision-making.

Discussions and Messaging

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Real-time public discussions, and private messaging with Providers so you can get immediate answers to your follow-up questions. Integrated tools for internal research collaboration.

Subscription Pricing

Single Subscription

The single subscription provides unlimited access to all investment research on Smartkarma with yearly per-user pricing.

Team Subscription

Teams larger than five active users gain unlimited access to Smartkarma with additional team sharing & compliance features.


“Clients on the buy-side are struggling with MiFID II as a whole, with research unbundling the priority. The true test of MiFID II ... will be the ability to drive alpha, competitive advantage & brand strength.”

John Dwyer

Senior Research Analyst, Celent/Oliver Wyman


Smartkarma's subscription pricing ensures a transparent and compliant model for asset managers seeking independent investment insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQs covers topics such as how to get started, what's unique about Smartkarma, the type of content on Smartkarma and more.

The Rising Tide Blog

Covering industry regulation, news, trends, predictions and numerous thought leadership pieces from Smartkarma's community of Insight Providers.

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