How Sabrina Tay from EC World REIT tackles Investor Relations in Singapore’s REIT sector

By October 3, 2018 December 10th, 2018 Corporates

Please share some details about your company and its focus, as well as your own role.

As the Investor Relations Manager of the Manager of EC World REIT, I aim to educate and inform the investing community on the investment merits of EC World REIT through various outreach initiatives and programmes.

I have over a decade experience in the field of Investor Relations and Communications, but I joined the Manager of EC World REIT only in August 2018. I was impressed by the team’s vision and efforts to enhance communication with the investing community. I look to add value to their existing efforts to enhance EC World REIT’s position in the S-REIT (Singapore Real-Estate Investment Trust) sector.

EC World REIT is the first specialised logistics and ecommerce logistics REIT to list on the SGX-ST in July 2016.

It provides unit-holders an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate, which is used primarily for ecommerce, supply chain management, and logistics. The REIT has a healthy leverage and offers an attractive yield with potential capital appreciation.

What’s your experience with research coverage on your company?

Being a relatively new REIT with a small- to mid-size market cap, we definitely face challenges in our efforts to solicit coverage. That’s especially in an environment where many research houses are facing pressure in light of global financial regulations such as MiFID II.

We actively engage the sell-side through various initiatives including site visits, one-on-one meetings, emails, and conference calls. However, it’s difficult to attract broader analyst interest due to liquidity and market size. We look forward to working with Smartkarma to gain access to independent analysts who are able to produce meaningful research reports.

Sabrina Tay, EC World REIT Investor Relations Manager

How do you maintain a line of communication to your investors and keep them updated?

In addition to participating in retail seminars and conferences, we proactively conduct non-deal roadshows with various banks and brokerage houses to reach out to new and existing unit-holders.

We also deploy traditional forms of communication tools such as conference calls, email blasts, and one-on-one meetings. In 2018, the REIT launched its own LinkedIn and Facebook pages. This is definitely a plus point because it opens another communication channel for us to reach out to the tech-savvy investing community.

What are the challenges you face as an Investor Relations Manager, and how can Smartkarma help?

The biggest challenge would definitely be translating investor interest to actual purchase action. With over 40 REITs and BTs (Business Trusts) listed on the SGX-ST, investors are spoilt for choice.

That is where Smartkarma could potentially assist to bridge the gap: Connecting investors and independent analysts with EC World to generate genuine interest and potential investment.

How do you monitor what the market is saying about your company?

We are constantly in touch with brokerage houses and bankers as well as the general investing public. We also keep an eye out on the news relevant to our sector so as to react appropriately.

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