How Gregory Yap from Sunpower Group is taking Investor Relations to the Next Level

By June 28, 2018 December 10th, 2018 Corporates

Smartkarma is running the C-Suite Pilot Program in partnership with SGX. Read what Gregory Yap from Sunpower Group had to share.

Hi Greg! Could you give a quick intro to yourself and your role at Sunpower Group?

Hello! I’m Sunpower’s Investor Relations representative in Singapore. Together with my colleague Ms Winnie Lyu in China, we interact extensively with investors, analysts, media and regulators, primarily to educate them about our business, and to highlight the investment merits of our stock. We engage interested audiences through results briefings (quarterly), one-on-one meetings, group presentations and non-deal roadshows in conjunction with stockbrokers, and investment banks.

What is your biggest challenge?

Getting investor attention is my biggest challenge. We made some headway when we directed intensive focus on engagement activities and when Smartkarma and two brokers began covering our company. However, we want to further expand our institutional investor pool, and believe the key lies in being able to identify and make contact with targeted potential investors, making our next challenge securing their interest thereafter.

What makes you keen to use Smartkarma C-Suite?

We like Smartkarma C-Suite because of the platform’s promise of enabling investors and the insight providers to reach out to us, and vice versa. The research-focused nature of these connections creates a wealth of information that by the time contact is made between an investor and ourselves, everyone is geared to hit the ground running to take the relationship to the next level.

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