Investor Relations: How to Win Friends and Alienate Spammers

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Smartkarma Investor Relations: How to Win Friends and Alienate Spammers

Older communication technology like the telegraph and the telephone could slow business down to a crawl back in the day.

Can you imagine delaying a business decision because you’re stuck waiting for key information that’s on its way to you via telegram, or having someone camp out by the landline so you don’t miss that critical phone call?

Thankfully, these days we don’t have to. We are now able to search for information with just a  click, contact people on multiple channels, and make decisions and execute on them much more quickly and efficiently.

That’s the theory, anyway. It turns out that things are a little more complicated in practice.

Trying to Cut Through the Noise

But what does this have to do with Investor Relations? Here’s a very common example: An investor is interested in Company X and manages to source various bits of information online, either through the company’s website or via analyst reports.

The next step in the investor’s data-seeking quest is to actually get in touch with the company. But what they realise is that there’s no easy way to contact someone for that purpose. Ironic, given the communication technology boom we just talked about.

It’s as if the unprecedented availability of information and communication channels has led to the exact opposite outcome: People and companies batten down the hatches, blocking all attempts at communication with generic email addresses and contact forms.

That’s one way to deal with spam and other unwanted communication but this also keeps away legitimate contacts that could bring value to the business. We’ve written about this in more detail in Smartkarma’s white paper on Making Investor Relations Contact Information Easier to Find.

Why Does This Happen?

It seems there really can be too much of a good thing. Various parties have taken advantage of the boost in communication tools to spread their message and artificially increase their reach, but not necessarily in a targeted and focused way.

Tech firms are hired or contracted to scrape websites and obtain as many email addresses as possible to grow a business’s database and then claim that their distribution lists contain thousands of contacts. They may not be relevant or useful contacts, but that doesn’t matter!

Like all of us, Investor Relations departments hate that deluge of spam that might bury important emails, which is why no one shares a direct email address.

But while they might shield themselves from spam, the resulting quiet can be misleading. They might think that all the necessary information is already out there and they just need to wait for investors to show up at their doorstep. But in fact, communication has broken down.

A solution!

Smartkarma’s Global Investor Relations Directory allows investors who genuinely want to engage with, and invest in, your company to reach out to you. Add your Investor Relations contact details so you don’t miss out on important queries and be free of spam at the same time.

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