Don’t Let Your IR Association Membership Go to Waste

Don’t Let Your IR Association Membership Go to Waste

Clubs and societies have existed since the earlier periods of human history, clustering people based on shared traits, such as lineage, knowledge, skills, and so on.

Just as accountants have the Association of International Accountants, and investment professionals, the CFA Institute, investor relations officers (IROs) also belong to market-specific associations that span the globe.

Examples of IR associations (IRA) include: the UK’s Investor Relations Society, Germany’s DIRK, Hong Kong’s HKIRA, Singapore’s IRPAS, and MEIRA in the Middle East.

Some IROs identify with the prestige and recognition of being under one, while others view membership as mandatory to advance their careers.

If you are part of an IRA, you most likely pay an annual membership fee of sorts. So why not make the most of it?

We reveal tips on how to milk your “club” privileges for their true worth.

Navigate a Changing Regulatory Landscape, Together

“The importance of investor relations is getting more prominent when listed companies encounter the impact of changes in regulation, market structure and technology,” wrote Eva Chan, Chairman at the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA).

How true.

Read more about regulatory impact: MiFID II Opens Up a Whole New World of Corporate Access for IR Teams

Rather than attempt to navigate uncertainty alone, why not tap into an IRA’s collective expertise? In so doing, IROs reduce the risk of making costly mistakes.

Look out for useful hacks like HKIRA’s Investor Relations Best Practice Guide, a handbook written by actual IR professionals. Such guides offer practical tips and advice based on real-life experiences, and help inform overall communication strategy and decision-making.

Upskilling to Keep up With the Times

With drastic change to the profession looming on the horizon, some IROs see a pressing need to be more formally equipped to tackle the challenges at hand.

This view has been echoed by Harold Woo, President at the Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore), or IRPAS: Woo highlighted in an interview with The Business Times that as regulations and trends evolve in the IR field, IROs need to constantly update their skills.

For that, IR professionals should capitalise on the development programmes offered by their respective associations. IRPAS’s International Certificate in Investor Relations is a prime example of an upskilling initiative aimed at empowering IROs with the multi-disciplinary skills required to excel in tomorrow’s IR environment.

Event-Driven Networking

Keen to keep abreast of the latest developments? Here’s the simplest way: just… show up.

IRAs typically organise and/or list industry events on their annual calendar. We advise IROs to routinely scan through them for updates. It takes no more than a minute!

As cliché as it may sound, the added chance to mingle and expand your network with other IR professionals should be good enough reason to attend.

Final Thoughts

IRAs play pivotal roles as advocates of industry best practices and enablers of professional development. Most importantly, the work they undertake continuously supports robust communication between corporate management and investors.

It pays to capitalise on what IRAs have to offer, so spare a moment to find out what you’ve been missing!

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