Brief Japan: Nuflare Is a Done Deal; Here Comes the Aftermath and more

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  1. Nuflare Is a Done Deal; Here Comes the Aftermath
  2. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group – Best House In a Bad Neighborhood

1. Nuflare Is a Done Deal; Here Comes the Aftermath

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Very late last night Tokyo time (22:45), Toshiba Machine (6104 JP) released an announcement (hyperlink here, url in Appendix) that the company’s board had met and resolved to tender its shares in Nuflare Technology (6256 JP) to the Tender Offer being conducted by Toshiba Corp (6502 JP) subsidiary Toshiba Device & Storage.

As discussed in the first insight on this (Toshiba Tender for Nuflare Technology (6256) – Lightish to Too Light), if Toshiba Machine decided to tender, it was all over. Toshiba Device & Storage owns 50.01% and Toshiba Machine 15.08% getting them to 65.09%, which is not enough to clear the hurdle of 66.7%. Toshiba Machine’s 1,808,900 shares handily clears the 1,633,700 share minimum. 

So it’s all done but the shouting. The question then is how many people will hold their shares back to vote no at the shareholder meeting to extend the “fun.”

There is, as discussed in Murakami, Nuflare, and Toshiba Machine – The OTHER Toshiba Machine Angle, another interesting trade to come in Toshiba Machine. 

The history of insights in the runup to and about the deal is below:

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2. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group – Best House In a Bad Neighborhood

  • A Progressive Bank For Japan: SMFG has adopted some progressive strategies – digital; the growth potential of Asian operations; control efforts; and buoyed capital position. 
  • Returns on SME Loans Have Troughed: In FY 1H19, returns on loans to SMEs stopped declining  as spreads on new loans returned to positive growth. 
  • Fee-based Business Accelerating: Due to SMFG’s expansion of non-deposit/loan operations, its fee-based business has grown rapidly. 
  • Overhead Levels Being Addressed:Management expects to reduce costs by ¥ 50 bn over the next three years and then by another ¥ 50 bn over the medium term. 
  • Capital Strength: SMFG has achieved its capital adequacy ratio target, and growth investments and shareholder returns are now increasing. 
  • Areas of Growth:Priority areas of growth for SMFG include: commercial banking in Asia; high-margin business in Europe and the U.S.; and asset management. 

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