Brief Multi-Strategy: Quiddity Hong Kong M&A Guide 2019 and more

In this briefing:

  1. Quiddity Hong Kong M&A Guide 2019

1. Quiddity Hong Kong M&A Guide 2019

This is part of a series of M&A guides that our Quiddity* team (see our profiles or the footnote below) are publishing to aid investors in understanding the rules, parameters, possibilities, and processes when companies conduct mergers and acquisitions. These insights are designed to be used as a reference.

Governing Laws

Public M&A in Hong Kong is mainly governed by the following rules and regulations. 

In addition to the rules and regulations mentioned above, companies in certain sectors are governed by additional industry-specific regulations and statutes as the examples shown in the table below. 



Banking Sector
Banking Ordinance (Chapter 155, Laws of Hong Kong)
Insurance Sector
Insurance Ordinance (Chapter 41, Laws of Hong Kong)
Telecom and Broadcasting Sector

Telecommunications Ordinance (Chapter 106, Laws of Hong Kong)

Broadcasting Ordinance (Chapter 562, Laws of Hong Kong)

Competition Ordinance (Chapter 619, Laws of Hong Kong)

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