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Daily Brief Macro: China – Policy Switches-Off and more

In today’s briefing:

  • China – Policy Switches-Off
  • Bearishness, Begone!
  • Warning: The Market Is Massively Fighting the Fed
  • Bulls & Bears: Near-Term and Short-Term View on Oil Prices

China – Policy Switches-Off

By Michael J. Howell

  • Chinese net capital outflows are again picking up to a US$600 billion annual clip. Chinese Yuan has also been under-pressure from the strong US dollar
  • People’s Bank (PBoC) forced to tighten domestic monetary conditions to help Yuan, despite COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Tighter Chinese Liquidity hurts World economy, reinforcing recession threat and hurting commodity markets

Bearishness, Begone!

By Cam Hui

  • The balance of upside and downside risks have begun to normalize.
  • Signals from global commodity and equity markets are showing that the upside potential and downside risk of owning equities have become more balanced.
  • However, downside risks remain in the form of a China slowdown and further risks from the Russia-Ukraine war.

Warning: The Market Is Massively Fighting the Fed

By Cam Hui

  • Asset markets have gone risk-on in the wake of the FOMC meeting, but the market may be getting ahead of itself.
  • The stock market advance has begun to take on a FOMO tone and could run further, but risk levels are rising.
  • The Treasury and energy markets could be the guide to changes in risk appetite.

Bulls & Bears: Near-Term and Short-Term View on Oil Prices

By Vandana Hari

  • Crude price movements have been almost entirely dictated by sentiment in the broader financial markets since around mid-June.
  • Prices rose in the week to July 29 as part of a broader relief rally in risk assets. The rally is exhausted but may help resist sharp downswings for now.
  • For the mid-Aug to mid-Sep period, we are mildly bullish. 

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