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Equity Capital Markets: SG Lottery, Oyo, LG Energy Solution, FSN E-Commerce Ventures (Nykaa) and more

In today’s briefing:

  • SG Lottery Pre-IPO – First Look at Possibly Australia’s Largest IPO in 2021
  • Oyo IPO: Flying Blind
  • LG Energy Solution – The Biggest IPO in 2021 in Korea?
  • Nykaa IPO Initiation: Beauty Parade

SG Lottery Pre-IPO – First Look at Possibly Australia’s Largest IPO in 2021

By Sumeet Singh

Scientific Games Corp A (SGMS US) aims to raise around US$3.7bn (A$5bn) via selling a majority of its stake in SG Lottery (SGL) in an Australian IPO.

SGL runs a global lottery business supplying lottery products and services across the lottery ecosystem. It works with various governments globally who use its products and services to run their lotteries. As of FY20, SGL had more than 130 customers in over 50 countries. Revenue from North America and Europe accounted for 73% and 24% of its FY20 revenue, respectively.

SGL generates most of its sales from instant lottery products. It has supplied instant lottery products to 40 of the 46 US jurisdictions that sell instant lottery products and has sold instant lottery products to customers in approximately 50 countries. Its  relationship with its top 10 customers have been ongoing for an average 35 years.

SGL has been reporting steady past growth and margins have been relatively stable as well.

Oyo IPO: Flying Blind

By Oshadhi Kumarasiri

Indian hospitality start-up, Oyo (1698548D IN) is a digital platform connecting over 157,000 storefronts (hotels and homestays) with consumers. The company is trying to ride the Indian IPO wave with a $1.1bn IPO in India.

Oyo is 46.6% owned by the Softbank Vision Fund and it is another example of a typical Softbank Investment like The We Company (WeWork) (WE US) and Uber (UBER US). Oyo’s old business model was a complete disaster, and it almost ran the company into the ground. The new business model makes Oyo look more like a marketplace for lodging. Despite changes to the business model, we continue to have concerns as Oyo could be neither growth nor profits business under its new business model.

LG Energy Solution – The Biggest IPO in 2021 in Korea?

By Douglas Kim

In this insight, we provide an update on the LG Energy Solution IPO. There have been some concerns that this IPO could get delayed until next year. However, there are increasing signs that suggest that the IPO of LG Energy Solution could get completed as early as in December 2021 to February 2022. 

The local media have mentioned that by the end of this month, the LG Chem could release a specific schedule of the IPO of LG Energy Solution. A main hurdle on this IPO has been the cost of battery recall by GM. The IPO of LG Energy Solution will be able to be completed only if there are clear amount of contributions that the LG Energy Solution has to pay to GM and there are clues that this could get cleared up when LG Chem announces its 3Q 2021 earnings on 25 October. 

LG Chem currently has a market cap of 54 trillion won ($45 billion). The local media have mentioned that the value of LG Energy Solution could be about 50 trillion won to 100 trillion won.LG Energy Solution is expected to raise more than 10 trillion won in this IPO, which could make this the largest ever IPO in Korea. 

Nykaa IPO Initiation: Beauty Parade

By Arun George

FSN E-Commerce Ventures (Nykaa) (1003622D IN) provides e-retailing of beauty and fashion products through two verticals Nykaa (beauty and personal care) and Nykaa Fashion (apparel and accessories). Nykaa is the largest speciality beauty and personal care platform in India as measured by the value of products sold in the FY21, according to RedSeer. 

Nykaa is looking to raise $500 million through an IPO in India, according to press reports. The IPO comprises a primary raise of Rs5,250 million ($70 million) and 43.1 million secondary shares. 

Nykaa has a large addressable market opportunity with the beauty and personal care opportunity currently worth $16 billion and the fashion opportunity currently worth $54 billion, according to RedSeer. At 8% penetration in FY21, beauty and personal care are one of the more underpenetrated e-commerce categories in India. Online penetration in fashion in India is slightly higher at 12% in FY21 but is still relatively low compared to mature e-tailing categories such as mobiles and electronics. 

Nykaa has a strong positioning in India’s e-commerce beauty products industry, underpinned by the strong brand recognition of the ‘Nykaa’ brand. It has been able to retain a large customer base, leading to repeat orders such that existing consumers accounted for 70% of GMV in FY21. Nykaa also has relationships with 2,476 brands but with no dependence on any brand or product. The financial performance is solid with strong growth, rising margins and cash generation. These characteristics should enable Nykaa to hold its own against intensifying competition. Overall, we think that Nykaa has attractive fundamentals.

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