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Equity Capital Markets: Waterdrop Inc, JD Logistics, SK IE Technology and more

In today’s briefing:

  • Waterdrop IPO: Valuation Insights
  • ECM Weekly (2nd May 2021) – JD Logistics, Powergrid InvIT, Shanghai Hanyu, Monde Nissin, Hello Inc
  • JD Logistics IPO: Prioritizing Market Share Gains over Margins
  • JD Logistics IPO – Looking to Raise $4 Billion but Valuation Pulled Down by SF Holding
  • SK IE Technology: Immediate Float 15.04% & KOSPI 200 Index Float 21.80%
  • JD Logistics: Investment for Growth to Hurt Margins in the Medium-Term but Key to Long-Term Profits

Waterdrop IPO: Valuation Insights

By Arun George

Waterdrop Inc (WDH US) is the largest independent third-party insurance platform in China as measured by life and health insurance first-year premiums (FYP) distributed in 2020, according to iResearch. Waterdrop is backed by Tencent Holdings (700 HK)Swiss Re AG (SREN SW) and Meituan (3690 HK).

At the mid-point of the proposed IPO price range of $10.00-12.00 per ADS, Waterdrop will have a market cap of $4.3 billion. At the mid-point of the IPO price range, the net proceeds are $301.6 million. New and existing shareholders have indicated on $210 million of the IPO, including Boyu Capital ($100 million), HOPU Investments (at least $80 million), and Kevin Sunny Holding ($30 million). The indications of interest represent 63.6% of the ADSs on offer at the mid-point of the IPO price range.

In Waterdrop IPO Initiation: Going for Brokers, we opined that as a leading online third-party insurance broker, Waterdrop is well-positioned to benefit from favourable industry trends. The key unknown is whether the changing regulations will throw a spanner in the works. Notwithstanding the regulatory overhang, we concluded that Waterdrop is worth a look. Our analysis suggests that the IPO price range is full at the high-end but has some upside at the low-end. 

ECM Weekly (2nd May 2021) – JD Logistics, Powergrid InvIT, Shanghai Hanyu, Monde Nissin, Hello Inc

By Zhen Zhou, Toh

Aequitas Research puts out a weekly update on the deals that have been covered by the team recently along with updates for upcoming IPOs.

Asia IPO pipeline continues to build up with multiple new filings. Zomato filed its draft prospectus in India and Del Monte Philippines in the Philippines, looking to raise US$1bn and US$790m, respectively. In the U.S, Hello Inc (last Friday), Ximalaya, Qiniu Cloud filed with the SEC. The former two companies are looking to raise about US$1bn each while Qiniu Cloud is likely targeting a US$500m IPO. Hong Kong had a number of filings with R&F Property Services being the notable one, looking to raise US$700m.

JD Logistics, SF REIT, Edding Group, and New Hope Service have won approval for their Hong Kong listings. JD Logistics was aiming to raise US$4bn and should start premarketing this coming week. SF REIT got its approval last week and filed its PHIP last Sunday. It is looking to raise US$300m and will likely launch its bookbuild next week. The latter two are expected to raise up to US$300m and US$150m, respectively. 

Hong Kong placement deal flow slowed (naturally) from a record last week. Wuxi Biologics Holdings came back to the market to sell another block ahead of its stipulated lock-up from January this year. The selldown was largely expected. Other placements in Hong Kong included Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd H (168 HK) and Fuyao Glass Industry Group (3606 HK).  In the Philippines, AC Energy Corp (ACEN PM)‘s re-IPO was priced close to the low-end. The deal will trade on 14th May.

In Hong Kong, we wrote on Shanghai Hanyu Medical Technology (SHM HK), a leading player in the mitral valve devices market. While the company has a huge market potential, it had a weak investor line-up and lack of management experience .

Zhaoke Ophthalmology Pharmaceutical (6622 HK) debuted below its IPO price on Thursday despite having a decent cornerstone line-up. It closed 25% below IPO price on Friday.

For China ADRs, we initiated on Hello Inc (1883864D US). The company operates a mobile app, Hello, which provides local services that includes two-wheeler services and a carpooling market place.

In India, Powergrid Infrastructure Investment Trust (1883964D IN) launched its IPO bookbuild on Thursday. Books will close on Monday and shares will trade on 17th May.

In the Philippines, Monde Nissin Corp’s (0191881D PM) has started premarketing. We compared its meat alternative business with global competitors and shared our thoughts on valuation. 

Credits to Clarence Chu for helping out with the note.

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Our overall accuracy rate is 74.1% for IPOs and 67.3% for Placements 

(Performance measurement criteria is explained at the end of the note)

New IPO filings this week

  • R&F Property Services (Hong Kong, US$700m)
  • Readboy Education Holding Company Limited (Hong Kong, >US$100m)
  • Lepu Biopharma (Hong Kong, >US$100m)
  • Hangzhou Xpower Technology (Hong Kong, >US$100m)
  • Ximalaya (China ADR, US$1bn)
  • Hello Inc (China ADR, US$1bn)
  • Qiniu Ltd. (China ADR, US$500m)
  • Zomato Limited (India, US$1bn)
  • Del Monte Philippines (Philippines, US$790m)

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JD Logistics IPO: Prioritizing Market Share Gains over Margins

By Arun George

JD Logistics (JDL HK) is the largest player in China’s integrated supply chain logistics services market, with a 2.7% revenue market share in 2020, according to CIC. JD Logistics was founded with the formation of JD.com Inc (ADR) (JD US)’s in-house logistics department in 2007. JD Group is the controlling shareholder with a 79.12% stake. JD Logistics has won approval for an HKEx IPO to raise $3-4 billion, according to press reports. 

In JD Logistics IPO Initiation: The Flow of Things, we stated that JD Logistics is an indirect play on the shift of some customer behaviour permanently to online shopping, particularly in fast-moving consumer goods. We concluded that JD Logistics fundamentals are attractive and it remains well-placed to address consumers demand for faster and more flexible supply chain logistics services. 

In this note, we look at the PHIP which discloses the 2020 results and recent developments. The results underscore the positives which are strong growth, rising margin and cash generation. However, the outlook is mixed as JD Logistics cautions that it will pursue market share gains at the cost of profitability over the medium term. 

The Chinese logistics market is highly price-competitive, and scale is crucial to sustained profitable growth. In a consolidating market, the eventual winners will be companies that can invest in infrastructure and capacity to gain market share and economies of scale benefits. We think that JD Logistics has the right ingredients to ride out the industry’s current price-competitive dynamics and deliver good shareholder returns over the medium term. 

JD Logistics IPO – Looking to Raise $4 Billion but Valuation Pulled Down by SF Holding

By Douglas Kim

Last week, JD Logistics (JDL HK) received the regulatory approval for an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange that could raise up to $4 billion. According to Nikkei Asia, JD Logistics is seeking a valuation of about $40 billion. This valuation level is the same as the level the company was seeking in late 2020.

Although the valuation level that JD Logistics is seeking through this IPO has not changed, what has changed so much in the past 10 weeks is the valuation of S.F. Holding (002352 CH) in this period. SF Holding is one of the key comparable companies for JD Logistics in China. SF Holdings’ share price has crashed by 45% from 18 February to 2 May 2021. 

Our base case valuation of JD Logistics is EV of 289 billion RMB and implied market cap of 314 billion RMB (US$48.6 billion). At an implied market cap of $48.6 billion, this represents a 21% higher level than the recent valuation of $40 billion that the company is seeking. Despite this solid upside, this base case valuation is 15% lower than our previous base case valuation. This is mainly due to the much lower price of its comp SF Holding and the greater competitive pressures in the local logistics and parcel delivery services in China. 

SK IE Technology: Immediate Float 15.04% & KOSPI 200 Index Float 21.80%

By Sanghyun Park

SK IET’s institutional lockup results are out. The final percentage of the locked shares allocated to the institutional investors is 66.68% of the institutional allocation. 

Institutional investors pledging lockups
6 months3,020,98825.68%
3 months2,087,67217.75%
1 month2,700,26422.95%
15 days36,1720.31%
– Total7,845,09666.68%
Source: SED

So, the immediate float shares come down to 10.72M shares, including the ones owned by the major shareholder, representing 15.04% of the post-IPO total shares.

Immediate float shares
1 year2,823,956
6 months52,928,580
3 months2,087,672
1 month2,700,264
15 days36,172
Immediate float shares10,720,948
– % of post-IPO total shares15.04%
Source: SED

The ESOP spit out substantial forfeited shares, representing 2.04% of the post-IPO total shares. These forfeited shares went to the local retail subscribers, bringing up the final allocation to 9.54%, while the institutional allocation remains at 16.50%.

ShareholderSharesShareholding %Lockup period
Post-IPO total shares71,297,592100.00%
SK Innovation43,633,43261.20%6 months
Premier Superior Ltd.6,274,1608.80%6 months
ESOP2,823,9563.96%1 year
– Institutional11,764,50016.50%
– Retail6,801,5449.54%
Source: DART

JD Logistics: Investment for Growth to Hurt Margins in the Medium-Term but Key to Long-Term Profits

By Shifara Samsudeen, ACMA, CGMA

JD Logistics (JDL HK) , the delivery arm of China’s second largest e-commerce platform JD.com has filed for an IPO to list its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to news media outlets, JD Logistics is looking to raise about US$3-4bn through the IPO.

The company has won the approval for its HKEX listing and released its post-hearing information pack (PHIP) on Sunday (02nd May) and this insight focuses on the company’s new data points from the PHIP.

In our previous two insights on JD logistics’ IPO, we examined the company’s business model, revenue and margins. Read our previous insights:

JD Logistics IPO: Expanding External Customer Base Supports Top Line Growth and GPM Expansion 

JD Logistics IPO: Margin Improvement Likely with Expanding External Revenues and Falling Costs 

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