Macro: Indian Economy Tracker: July 2020 and more

In today’s briefing:

  • Indian Economy Tracker: July 2020
  • Korea Stock Market Monthly Recap #49 (July 2020)

Indian Economy Tracker: July 2020

By Nitin Mangal

This tracker provides important data points released for the month of May / June 2020. For more information on the Macro data tracker please refer to our insight Indian Economy Tracker: June 2020. The data tracker is a joint initiative done along with insight provider Pranav Bhavsar

The major indicators have seen a decent rebound bust from their lows during the peak lock down period. Major sectors  are recovering, some more rapidly than others which will correlate to a better credit scenario.

However there is still a pressure on numerous macro aspects, often magnified with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 scenario.

Korea Stock Market Monthly Recap #49 (July 2020)

By Douglas Kim

Review of Top 10 Issues Related to Korean stock market, economy, & politics in July 2020:

  • End of the Ban of Korean Culture Products by China
  • COVID-19 Second Wave?
  • SK Biopharm overshooting
  • Celltrion Healthcare – Time to Turn Bearish
  • Big divergence in prices of Netmarble Corp vs NCsoft
  • Big jump in the number of share buybacks in Korea in 2020
  • Capital outflow from Korea to U.S. Tech Stocks
  • Minimum wages in 2021 
  • MSCI Korea Rebalance
  • US Government Requests LG Uplus to Stop Using Huawei Products

Our model portfolio was up 10.2% on a net basis in July 2020 (cash was 70% of our model portfolio), outperforming KOSPI which was up 6.7% in the same period. We are taking out SK Biopharm and nCino from our model portfolio as of the end of July (take profits) and we are including BigCommerce and Younglimwon Soft Lab in our model portfolio in August.

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