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TMT: Samsung Electronics, Intel Corp and more

In today’s briefing:

  • Lee Family to Sell 2.2 Trillion Won Worth of Samsung Group Affiliates to Pay for Inheritance Tax
  • Global Foundries: Some Thoughts on the IPO

Lee Family to Sell 2.2 Trillion Won Worth of Samsung Group Affiliates to Pay for Inheritance Tax

By Douglas Kim

It was announced that Hong Ra-Hee (wife of the late Samsung Chairman Lee Gun-Hee) will sell about 1.43 trillion won worth of Samsung Electronics (005930 KS) in order to pay for inheritance taxes. This represents 19.94 million shares at 71,500 won per share of Samsung Electronics.

In addition to Hong Ra-Hee’s sale of Samsung Electronics, her daughters Lee Bu-Jin and Lee Seo-Hyun will sell 0.73 trillion won worth of Samsung Sds (018260 KS) and Samsung Life Insurance (032830 KS). Thus, the total amount of Samsung Group related shares (including Samsung Electronics) to be sold in this sale is about 2.2 trillion won ($1.8 billion).

The stake sale of Samsung Electronics could be quickly absorbed by the market while the sale sales of Samsung SDS and Samsung Life Insurance could take more time to digest. In addition, this will be a recurring event every year for the next five years with the Lee family continuing to sell down their stakes in Samsung Electronics and other Samsung affiliates in order to pay off the exorbitant amount of inheritance taxes. We believe that there could be continued concerns about this inheritance tax sale of Samsung SDS, Samsung Life Insurance, and Samsung Electronics which could further pressure these stocks negatively in the near term. 

Global Foundries: Some Thoughts on the IPO

By Aaron Gabin

We offer some thoughts on Global Foundries coming IPO. We admire the strategic pivot the company took two years ago, and think there is alot to like here. The proposed $25-30B valuation does seem a bit high given TSMC trades at 13x forward EBITDA and this would be closer to 20x. Maybe they should see if Intel is still interested…

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