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Asian Nuclear Energy Industry: The Value Chain

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Asia is the focal region globally where nuclear power is growing significantly to meet its increasing demand for clean electricity. There are approximately 135 operable nuclear power reactors, with 35 under construction – around two-thirds of the reactors under construction worldwide. China is the clear leader in nuclear generation growth.

There were divergent responses to the Fukushima accident, leading some countries to reassess their long-term domestic energy policy, while others experienced a short-term pause, before continuing with long-term strategies, with few to no changes. 

The debate is ongoing whether nuclear power is a safe energy source for mitigating global climate change, or presents an unnecessary risk, given past disasters, coupled with the unavoidable by-product of radioactive waste. Additionally, renewable energy such as solar and wind has become increasingly competitive and sustainable.

For countries such as China, India, and South Korea, there remain solid economic reasons for the expansion of global nuclear power, and its role in lowering emissions from energy production.

The vast majority of nuclear power plants in Asia are operated by unlisted government entities; or in Japan, the bulk of reactors remain in shutdown mode after Fukushima.

CGN Power Co Ltd H (1816 HK) is one of the few listed nuclear pure-plays in Asia, and trades at undemanding multiples, together with an attractive ROE and yield.

What’s Original?

This insight presents a comprehensive view of the Asian nuclear energy industry, and its value chain

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