Insider Diagnostics: A Repository of Short-Sell Target Asian Companies & Associated Key Insiders

In this Original, we have created a repository of Asian companies and associated key insiders targeted by prominent short-sellers, over the last decade, to help serve as a tool for insider diagnostics.

What’s Original?

We track 19 prominent short-sellers who in turn have targeted about 115+ Asian companies over the past decade. Below we provide a detailed database of these companies along with the corresponding short-sell thesis, price moves since the short-sell report and outcome of the short-sell attack. We also track the current whereabouts of the 500+ key insiders associated with these companies.

How and to Whom would this be Useful? 

Insider Diagnostics (Quality of Management) and Accounting Diagnostics are two key pillars of any forensic analysis assessment. This Original, with a focus on insider diagnostics, further bolsters our prior Original focused on accounting diagnostics, A Forensic Analysis Tool for Detecting Accounting Red Flags: Focus on Developed Asia. Together, these two Originals are intended to serve as a comprehensive toolkit for investors, analysts, corporates, auditors, regulators, exchanges, media, etc. looking to conduct forensic analysis on Asian Companies.

Insight Flow:

  • Prominent Short-Sellers (Targeting Asian Companies)
  • Target Companies
  • Key Insiders
  • High Risk Insiders & Associated Companies
  • Other Notable Insiders & Associated Companies
  • Notable External Agencies
    • Does Presence of Global Renowned Auditors/Investment Banks imply Strong Governance?
  • Key Limitations

Please note that most of the repository content in this Original is in three key tables in the “Target Companies” and “Key Insiders” section. These tables are labeled as – 1) List of Target Companies, 2) Short-Seller Thesis on Individual Companies and 3) List of Key Insiders: Role in the Target Company & Current Whereabouts. Note that given the large amount of data and text in these tables, we have provided pagination and search functionality in these tables for ease of use and focused viewing. We have also provided these in the excel format. Please refer to the attachments section of this insight to download the excel files.

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