Innovation Demands Big Leaps

A modern day web-stack to match the growing sophistication of client needs.
Any device, anywhere.
Our technology is chosen to be infinitely flexible and quickly adaptable to evolving needs.
To make your investment lives more productive, our algorithms do all the heavy lifting. Sophisticated, but Simple.

A Feature List Designed with You in Mind

What Matters Most
Knowing where portfolio risk lies, and matching Insights to that is core to our predictive algorithms.
Unified Search and Rich Contextual Tagging
Making sure it’s dead easy to search across a growing pool of vendors, data and information.
A Lab Full of Tools
So you never have to build a model again.
Make Good Decisions
A proprietary analytics engine that measures the value add of each piece of research.

Integrate, Develop, Deploy

Smartkarma’s unique research API can plug into your specific business needs. Integrations with your proprietary and third‑party systems will let you use Smartkarma insight with all the applications in your workplace. Helping you on your journey.