Kakao Bank IPO: Valuation Peer Group Issues & Local Street's General View on Valuation Level

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In calculating the corporate value for this listing, Kakao Bank selected PBR, the traditional method of calculating the value of financial companies.

Apparently, the local street has no big disagreement about the use of PBR itself.

Then, what matters is the level of the PBR multiple premium.

Based on the indicative price band, Kakao Bank's PBR is 3.2-3.5x. On the other hand, the PBRs of Korea's four major financial holding companies are currently hovering between 0.4 and 0.5x.

That is, based on the current corporate value to net assets, Kakao Bank wants to receive a 7 to 8 times higher premium than Korea's major commercial banks.

Indicative price band Low High
Price ₩33,000 ₩39,000
Implied market cap ₩15,766.5B ₩18,633.1B
Equity, including capital inflow from IPO ₩5,009.4B ₩5,402.1B
PBR 3.15x 3.45x
Source: DART

The valuation that converts the future value into present value at a time when growth is expected to stagnate still holds a significant premium.

Kakao Bank's total deposits estimated as of 2025, when high growth will likely come to an end, are around ₩100T. Applying KB Financial's current multiple of 0.06 times the total deposits puts Kakao Bank's value in 2025 at ₩6T. Converted to the present value, the present value becomes ₩4.3T, suggesting a 3.7 to 4.3x premium to KB Financial.

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