Research Reinvented

Smartkarma’s unique platform has been built to unite the fragmented research industry, empowering investors and research analysts to collectively achieve their full potential.

Unlocking the Value of Independent Insight

Smartkarma combines intelligence from the world’s premier analysts, academics, data scientists and strategists in one cohesive ecosystem.

Together we serve a global clientbase comprising some of the world’s largest asset managers with high-quality, timely, and actionable Insights across Asian markets.

Smartkarma's Ecosystem

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Key Features

Real-time Discussions

Participate in public discussions and private Q&A with analysts in real-time

Powerful Search

Search within documents,
use tickers and keywords

Personalised Notifications

Receive alerts on what matters most.
Unclog your inbox

Meeting Regulatory Needs at No Incremental Cost


Smartkarma meets new regulatory requirements around research. Platform independence ensures no inducement or cross-subsidisation.

Transparent Pricing

Smartkarma subscriptions are priced per-user and provide access to everything on the platform.

Consumption Reporting

Detailed metrics on usage are available to meet regulatory and internal reporting requirements.

Strict Compliance

Comprehensive onboarding, quality-control and auditing policies in place. Users can onboard internal compliance officers for full oversight.

What People Say About Us

Societe Generale will use Singapore-based fintech company Smartkarma to provide third-party Asian equity research to its institutional clients, in a deal that reflects major changes in the global investment research landscape.

Reuters, Dec 1, 2016

The event driven and ECM analysis on Smartkarma is absolutely unmatched — banks don’t even touch this stuff. Anyone looking at special situations in Asia should be using Smartkarma.

Senior Portfolio Manager, Events Team, Global Long Only (Singapore)

Smartkarma is an excellent match for Tabbush Report. It allows us to focus on idea generation, research and writing. And ultimately, this is what every passionate analyst loves most. With a greater level of distribution, and presence, our bespoke and advisory services can also benefit.

Daniel Tabbush, Founder, The Tabbush Report (Bangkok)

Smartkarma has highly credible and unbiased research on the platform from seasoned industry analysts. I find the creativity and unconflicted views I see here quite refreshing.

Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager, Endowment Fund (Boston)

Being on the Smartkarma platform will give our existing clients a new way to search and find our research while also helping us gain exposure to new clients utilizing the platform.

Scott Burns, Global Head of Asset Management Solutions, Morningstar (New York)

I am allocating more time to Smartkarma. I quite enjoy the content especially on stocks that are under the radar of the sell side.

Head of Research, Asian Absolute Return Fund (New York)

Smartkarma is a game-changing research platform, one that adds real value to clients; its cloud-based research system is highly flexible and user-friendly. In addition, it has a transparent payment system for content providers which encourages independent analysts like myself to contribute to this world-class research platform.

Douglas Kim, Independent Analyst (Seoul)