Smartkarma FAQs

Who is in the Smartkarma network?

Apart from research publication, distribution and monetization, Smartkarma can provide access to data at discounted rates through an exclusive deal with S&P Market Intelligence and can also assist with securing regulatory cover in select markets.

Smartkarma unites the three main audiences of capital markets: Buy-side Investors, Insight Providers, and Corporates. Investors include many of the world’s most reputable institutional investors, including asset managers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund managers and family offices. Insight Providers are independent research providers, carefully selected by Smartkarma’s Research Team to publish Insights on the Smartkarma platform, and hail from a mix of large independent research houses, boutique research operations and individual analysts, data scientists, consultants, and academics. Corporates on the network are companies seeking to improve communication with investors and research analysts, and in so doing, raise their profiles.

How do I subscribe to the Smartkarma network?

For Buy-side Solutions: Request a Demo for a tailored introduction to Smartkarma’s platform and network, and evaluate which plan best fits your needs. When you select a plan,  our team helps to configure settings personalised to your needs, complete onboarding paperwork, and activate your plan. You can also explore the platform on your own through a limited access account – sign up now.

For Corporate Solutions: Corporate CXOs, Investor Relations or Corporate Communications can monitor shareholder interest, promote research coverage, and streamline investor relations workflow. You can apply for the plan that best fits your needs, or explore the platform on your own through a limited access account – sign up now.

To become an Insight Provider: Applicants must have a minimum 10+ years of relevant industry experience before beginning a rigorous application process evaluating the substantiveness of research. Roughly 20% of applicants pass this stage, at which time candidates must accept comprehensive user agreements containing key legal obligations and provisions regarding compliant conduct and content before being onboarded – apply now

How does the InstaPass work?

InstaPass allows access to up to 9 reports on Smartkarma. It is valid for one-time use within 5 days of purchase, and the access period commences upon first log-in and expires automatically after 3 hours. InstaPass becomes invalid if there is no log-in within 5 days of purchase.

Do I need any special software to utilise the Smartkarma platform?

No. Smartkarma’s platform is a web-based, digitally native SaaS solution that is accessible via the website on any desktop or mobile device.

Is Smartkarma involved in deals or investment banking?

No, Smartkarma is not involved in these activities. Rather, Smartkarma fosters a community of independent, unconflicted and differentiated Insight Providers as an alternative to conflicted investment research sources.

Does Smartkarma outsource tech development?

Every line of code has been written in-house by the Smartkarma Engineering Team, with the view to continually extend and innovate the platform with agility.

Why should I pay for Insights when broker reports can be obtained for free?

It is a widely held misconception that broker content is free. In order to provide Buy-side Investors with research, banks have traditionally offset the provision of research with either prices in excess of execution-only levels of commission, and/or ECM business derived from the bank’s research coverage. Under this bundled model, Buy-side Investors typically pay more commission than necessary, or receive potentially biased research that is less likely to add value to their investment process. This historic method of collecting payment for research is struggling in light of recent regulator “clampdown” on the use of end-client money to pay non-transparent fees for so-called “free” research.

What do Smartkarma Insights cover?

Insights span topics deemed valuable by the network, including: actionable sector thematic notes; Cross-asset class macroeconomic and asset allocation analysis; Data-driven analysis of ECM Activity (IPOs & Placements); Special Situations (M&A, Spinoffs, Discount Arbitrage, Relative Value; Tactical Bottom-Up Long/Short company analysis); and Governance and Accounting Shenanigans analysis.

When Smartkarma says Insights are produced collaboratively, what does that mean?

Our platform encourages collaboration across the network, to give subscribers access to a deeper and more differentiated offering at a fraction of the price. Virtual Teams combine the collective strength of individual Insight Providers into an integrated offering, harnessing the power of collaboration to provide clients with differentiated and independent views across geographies, expertise, and various layers of research (e.g. fundamental analysis, sector/thematic research, technicals, macro and more).

Research Solutions

Who are Smartkarma's clients?

Investors who access research on Smartkarma include sovereign wealth funds, long-only asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and venture capital firms. The cumulative assets under management of Smartkarma’s top 10 clients alone are worth more than US$13 trillion.

How does Smartkarma's Insight Provider recruitment policy ensure the quality of research provided?

Smartkarma has a stringent onboarding process for research providers involving independence and compliance checks. We onboard less than 10% of applicants as research providers. Research published on Smartkarma is expected to adhere to the Smartkarma Substantiveness Initiative.

How do Insight Providers monetise on Smartkarma?

You can monetise your written research as well as bespoke research services such as calls, meetings, and bespoke projects through Smartkarma.

Does my research have to be exclusively provided through Smartkarma?

Smartkarma does not require exclusivity for research published on the platform, unless otherwise agreed. The research must, however, not be accessible elsewhere for free.

What services does Smartkarma provide to me?

Apart from research publication, distribution, and monetisation, Smartkarma can provide access to data at discounted rates through an exclusive deal with S&P Market Intelligence and can also assist with regulatory cover referrals in select markets.