Quiddity Leaderboard SET50 Jun 24: BANPU Vs SAWAD Has to Be Monitored Closely

530 Views15 May 2024 18:36
I see three ADDs and three DELs for the June 2024 review. All names are high-conviction situations except for the third slot in expected DELs. Banpu is the third DEL but SAWAD is close too.
What is covered in the Full Insight:
  • Review and Index Selection Criteria
  • Quiddity Leaderboard Style and Methodology
  • Trading Performance of Top Candidates vs Peers
  • Expected Adds and Deletes for SET50 Index
  • Conclusions and Trading Suggestions
Boomeranged on Fri, 7 Jun 2024 12:07
After considering the recent methodology changes (relaxing the liquidity criteria), we believe BJC will be added in June 2024 and that could cause SAWAD to be deleted. As a result, our revised expectations for June 2024 are as follows: BJC, TIDLOR, ITC, and BCP are expected ADDs while COM7, KCE, BANPU, and SAWAD are expected DELs. Please check the Leaderboard here for our flow expectations.
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