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salesforce.com, inc. provides software on demand. The Company supplies a customer relationship management service to businesses worldwide providing a technology platform for customers and developers to build and run business applications. Clients use salesforce.com to manage their customer, sales and operational data.
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Salesforce Inc.: Can The New Starter CRM Put Salesforce On A Different Level Of Growth? - Major Drivers

Salesforce delivered an all-around beat in the previous quarter. The company's non-GAAP operating margin increased in the quarter. Salesforce also...

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Salesforce.com Inc.: What Is Its Biggest Competitive Advantage? – Key Drivers

Salesforce managed to exceed analyst expectations in terms of revenue as well as earnings. Due to this, it significantly exceeded its margin...

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Salesforce: The Market Is Once Again Missing The Forest For The Trees

Most of the red flags that I have outlined before are now being taken care of, but I remain cautious for the time being.

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Salesforce Inc.: Major Drivers

Salesforce had another strong quarter and delivered an all-around beat. Besides, the Data cloud became their most crucial cloud, enhancing each...

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Salesforce.com's Upcoming Earnings: 3 Things You Need To Know

GAAP operating profitability will be in the spotlight as the company lays off a significant amount of its workforce. The level of share buybacks...