Mediclinic International

Mediclinic International (MDC LN)

Health CareUnited Kingdom
Mediclinic International plc is an international private healthcare provider. The Company's segments include Mediclinic Southern Africa, Mediclinic Switzerland, Mediclinic Middle East, United Kingdom and Corporate. It focuses on providing acute care and multidisciplinary healthcare services. It has an interest in Spire Healthcare, a United Kingdom-based private healthcare company. It has approximately 70 hospitals and over 40 clinics across its operating platforms. Mediclinic Southern Africa operates approximately 50 hospitals and two-day clinics across South Africa, and over three hospitals in Namibia with approximately 8,000 in-patient beds. It has an interest in Hirslanden AG, which operates over 20 private acute care facilities and approximately four clinics in Switzerland with over 1,600 in-patient beds. Mediclinic Middle East operates over five hospitals and approximately 40 clinics with over 600 in-patient beds in the United Arab Emirates.
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