Anta Sports Products

Anta Sports Products (2020 HK)

Consumer DiscretionaryChina
ANTA Sports Products Limited designs, develops, manufactures, and markets sportswear, including sports footwear and apparel for professionals and the general public.
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Anta Sports (2020 HK) – Costs Control and Efficiency Gains Are the Keys

Retail sales growth in May-Aug 2023 could still be weak but margin improvement should continue and we have now turned more positive.

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Anta Sports (2020 HK):  Most Resilient In Industry Down-Cycles

Anta reported a set of resilient earnings in 1H23, with net profit up 32% yoy, compared to market consensus of 20-25% growth.

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Anta Sports (2020 HK) – A Slight Beat in 2Q23 but Outlook Is Still Fragile

2Q23 results was a slight beat with 1) inline retail sales growth (Anta was a miss but FILA and other brands had a beat) and 2) a better-than...

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Screening for GEMs: October 2023

This insight provides an overview of our, machine learning-driven, proprietary GEM screening model, based on a Multifactor model, a Deep Neural...

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Anta Sports (2020 HK): Our View After Placement

With proceeds to be used for debt repayment, expansion in China and pursuing SE Asia markets, we should not overlook long-term benefits. News flow...