Hangzho Rokid Technology (2004144D CH)

Information TechnologyChina
Hangzho Rokid Technology Co. Ltd. develops and manufactures application software. The Company produces and markets augmented reality operating system, chip platform, and other products. Hangzho Rokid Technology markets its products primarily throughout China with limited overseas.
bullishHangzho Rokid Technology12 Apr 2023 18:06
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Rokid Corporation: AR Player Catering to the Industrials Sector

Rokid is a Chinese developer of AR glasses and AI robotics software products. Its glasses are mainly used for industrial purposes thereby creating...

bullishKujiale24 Apr 2023 18:41
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Kujiale: 3D Design Platform for Home Décor

Kujiale provides a 3D design and visualization platform for home decoration and furniture. Its parent Manycore is the largest residential interior...

bullishVA Corporation20 Apr 2023 15:57
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VA Corporation: One-Stop Metaverse Platform

VA Corporation offers a virtual media platform that offers production and content distribution for metaverse industry. Within 13-months of...

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