Shufti Pro (1988739D LN)

Information TechnologyUnited Kingdom
Shufti Pro Limited provides artificial intelligence powered identity verification and AML screening services. The Company offers age and address verification, facial biometric authentication, video interview KYC, and other related services. Shufti Pro operates worldwide.
bullishTrunomi18 May 2022 16:56
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Trunomi: Consent and Data Rights Platform Which Doesn’t Store Customer Data

Trunomi is a customer consent and data rights management platform whose unique ability is proving compliance to various data protection regulations...

bullishContinuity Control18 May 2022 16:56
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Continuity: On-Demand Portal for Policy Management

Continuity is an on-demand portal for policy management also providing an auditing program for banks and fintech companies. Growing deposits mean...

bullishShufti Pro13 May 2022 17:38
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Shufti Pro: Identity Verification Using AI

Shufti Pro provides AI-based identification verification solutions. Flexible and timely solutions have helped Shufti  stand out from competitors....

bullishHummingbird Technologies13 May 2022 17:37
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Hummingbird: A Modern RegTech Platform Not Requiring an Integration

Hummingbird is the only platform that allows companies without easy access to IT or engineering resources carry out anti-money laundering...

bullishSift Science13 May 2022 17:37
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Sift: Machine Learning to Prevent Fraud

Sift uses machine learning to help companies with detecting fraud, fake accounts and money laundering. Its large client base and a global data...

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