Yakult Honsha

Yakult Honsha (2267 JP)

Consumer StaplesJapan
YAKULT HONSHA CO., LTD produces and sells fermented milk products, soft drinks and food products. The Company also manufactures pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Through its subsidiary, the professional baseball team, Tokyo Yakult Swallows is owned and managed.
bullishYakult Honsha27 Sep 2023 06:30
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Japan Consumer Staples Update: Inflation Looks a Blessing in Disguise for Those with Pricing Power

Japanese inflation peaked at 4.3% in January 2023 but decreased to 3.5%, 3.2%, 3.3%, 3.3%, and 3.2% in the following months. For most items except...

bullishYakult Honsha07 Aug 2023 18:31

Yakult: At Its Lowest PE Since Before the Global Financial Crisis

Yakult's stock price dropped 15% due to earnings missing expectations, yet fundamentals remain steady. This offers a chance to purchase Yakult at a...

bullishYakult Honsha20 Jul 2023 17:01

Yakult: Yakult 1000 Could Deliver a Surprise Yet Again

Yakult has historically increased the production capacity of Yakult 1000 in stages, with the majority of these increments taking place during the...

bullishYakult Honsha02 Mar 2023 11:35
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Japan Consumer Staples Sector : Inflation Looks a Blessing in Disguise for Those with Pricing Power

This inflationary environment presents an opportunity to appreciate the few Japanese Food and Beverages companies that have managed to maintain...

bearishYamazaki Baking21 Sep 2023 06:30

Yamazaki Baking: Breads & Buns Buonce But Valuation Is a Stalemate

Yamazaki Baking's surging stock faces high expectations in 3Q23. With limited valuation upside, the risk-reward balance has tilted unfavorably for...