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A free subscription especially for accredited journalists, giving them access to all Smartkarma Insights and Insight Providers in order to bolster their reporting and source story ideas.

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What is the Press Pass?

The Smartkarma Press Pass is a free subscription created exclusively for professional journalists, to give them access to Smartkarma’s Insights, Insight Providers, and tools. Press Pass holders have pre-approval to excerpt and quote Smartkarma content to enrich and support their reporting, so long as they source the Insight Provider and Smartkarma.

Why is the Press Pass free?

As the credibility of bank research continues to hit new lows, Smartkarma believes enabling independent voices to be heard as thought leaders and influencers has never been more important. In order to support positive industry change, we believe it is important to improve and simplify access to the largest pool of independent Insight for the financial press.

Fast Facts

Smartkarma’s independent investment research network can outrun any bank research operation, at a fraction of the cost. Our virtuous model has driven our scaling to the global investment research network, and ensures fundamentally better outcomes for our subscribers.

Press - Insight Provider

Unmatched Insight Provider Community

Smartkarma’s Insight Provider community is comprised of independent analysts, academics, data scientists, and industry experts who contribute reliable and meaningful Insights.

Press - Actionable Insights

Actionable, Timely Insights

Insights include areas under-reported by mainstream market coverage, including Event-Driven, IPOs & placements, and small/mid cap equities.

Press - Single Subscription

Single-Subscription Access

Smartkarma subscribers have access to all Insights and Insight Providers at their preferred level of engagement through our straightforward, unbundled subscription plan pricing.

Press - Seamless Experience

Seamless, Personalised Experience

Our platform surfaces Insights that are most relevant to you, the subscriber; provides up-to-the-minute notifications; and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

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