Are More People in Korea Dying from COVID-19 Vaccines Than COVID-19 Itself?

1.3k Views08 Jun 2021 08:01

In this insight, we discuss the deaths rates after taking the COVID-19 vaccines as compared to the death rates related to the COVID-19 itself in South Korea.

The COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to be the panacea for the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been nearly 7 months since various COVID-19 vaccines have become available in different parts of the world. Once the vast majority of the people in the world take the COVID-19 vaccines, we were led to believe that this would lead to herd immunity and we would be free from the COVID-19 nightmare. Millions of people around the world have taken these COVID-19 vaccines because they thought that this would lead to much lower chances of them getting sick from this virus.

Nonetheless, it has been becoming evident that these new COVID-19 vaccines have more bad side-effects. The COVID-19 vaccinations started in Korea on February 26th. As of June 5th, were there 206 people in Korea that died after taking the COVID-19 vaccinations (134 people were vaccinated with Pfizer jabs and 72 were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jabs).

If you include all the deaths due to worsening of conditions after reporting of other symptoms, the total number of deaths after taking the COVID-19 vaccines would rise to 278 people.

The deaths are included for a period until the 36th day after taking the COVID-19 vaccinations. Despite these deaths, the government's official stance remains that they do not believe there are any relationships associated with the deaths of these 200+ people that died after taking the COVID-19 vaccinations with the vaccines themselves. In other words, the government has so far denied any linkage of the deaths of these people with the COVID-19 vaccines.

All in all, if there are greater concerns about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccinations, this could disrupt the CONFIDENCE in the people in returning to the pre-COVID economy and ways of life.

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