ECM Weekly (2 February 2019) - Maoyan, China Tower, Dexin, Chalet Hotels, Bharat Hotels, Wingarc1st

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Aequitas Research puts out a weekly update on the deals that have been covered by Smartkarma Insight Providers recently, along with updates for upcoming IPOs.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone from Aequitas Research!

It has been a fairly quiet week leading up to Chinese New Year but it is not stopping Maoyan Entertainment (1896 HK) from listing on Monday. The IPO was priced at the bottom end of its offering range. The last we checked, it traded up 3% in the grey market on Friday. Ke Yan, CFA, FRM will follow up with a short note of his thoughts on post-IPO trading dynamics and bookbuild subscription levels.

Other updates on IPO in Hong Kong include Sinochem Energy allowing its IPO application to lapse while Koolearn (1373356D HK) and Shangde Qizhi Education re-filed for IPO. Edvantage, another new education IPO (and likely to be borderline US$100m deal size) filed for Hong Kong listing this week as well.

China Tower (788 HK)'s lock-up will be expiring on the 8th of February and Ke Yan, CFA, FRM mentioned in his insight that any potential placement will be a good opportunity to accumulate the stock. Placements from cornerstone investors will likely be a liquidity event.

In India, Chalet Hotels Limited (CHALET IN) closed its bookbuild with a tepid overall demand of 1.57x. The silver lining for the IPO is that the institutional tranche saw a healthy 4.6x demand, similar to that of Lemon Tree Hotels (LEMONTRE IN) in terms of weak overall but strong institutional demand, which ended up performing well in its IPO.

Other upcoming India IPOs include Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (9155507Z IN) and Embassy REIT which were said to be seeking listing towards the end of February. Sterling and Wilson is also looking to file its INR50bn IPO with the Sebi soon.

In Japan, Wingarc1st announced its IPO bookbuild to start on the 25th of February and will be listing in March. It is estimated to be raising about US$380m.

Accuracy Rate:

Our overall accuracy rate is 72% for IPOs and 63.8% for Placements

(Performance measurement criteria is explained at the end of the note)

New IPO filings

  • Edvantage Group (Hong Kong, ~US$100m)
  • Koolearn (Hong Kong, re-filed)
  • Shangde Qizhi Education Group (Hong Kong, re-filed)

Below is a snippet of our IPO tool showing upcoming events for the next week. The IPO tool is designed to provide readers with timely information on all IPO related events (Book open/closing, listing, initiation, lock-up expiry, etc) for all the deals that we have worked on. You can access the tool here or through the tools menu.

Source: Aequitas Research, Smartkarma

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