SBI Shinsei Bank (8303) Calls Its EGM and Appraisal Rights Seekers Prepare for Battle

SBI Shinsei last week announced its Squeeze-Out EGM (Sep 1). The Record Date was past. Delisting end-Sep. Now the long wait for Appraisal Rights case(s) to proceed. But they may have helped the case.
744 Views22 Jul 2023 10:42
Boomeranged on Wed, 30 Aug 2023 12:20
The Shinsei EGM is on 1 Sep. The vote SHOULD BE a foregone conclusion. It will be interesting to see the detailed results (which may take a few days). Once EGM results are out (same day), the TSE will announce SBI Shinsei as a Security Designated To Be Delisted, triggering a decision to remove it from TOPIX on T+4. That will mean deletion on 6 Sep. The shares are trading ever higher through terms.
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