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Equity Bottom-Up Thematic (Sector/Industry)
bullishThematic (Sector/Industry)13 Jul 2023 08:54

Maverick Valuations #2 - USA: Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 & The Mighty S&P 500

To start, the 2023 and 10 years Total Returns & CAGR of the big 3 indices: sentiment is very positive, risk appetite is on and we have a new bull...

bullishThematic (Sector/Industry)26 Jun 2023 05:40

The S&P 500 Report: Performance, Profitability, Valuation & Key Metrics - Ed #2

The laggard are the following top 7 stocks: their weight is small in the index, but note the individual returns which are materially negative in 2023

bullishThematic (Sector/Industry)19 Jun 2023 07:46

ARK Invest Short & Squeeze - Edition #3

All 6 ETFs positive in 2023 while ARKW ARKF ARKK ARKQ booming with 35%, 27%, 25% & 17% respectively. Risk appetite for the Innovation/Hyper Growth...

bullishApple Hospitality Reit17 Jun 2023 04:23

Apple (AAPL) - The Big Apple = Most Valuable Company on Planet Earth

First of all, Apple is the most valuable company on the planet with a $2.8 trillion market capitalisation and eying for the whooping $3 trillion:...

bearishNVIDIA Corp24 May 2023 09:34

Nvidia (NVDA) Phenomenal Business, Overcooked Stock -Hedge & Protect Gains

Nvidia recent parabolic run: Hedge, Sell & Short Sell choices. First of all, Nvidia is a great business with many applications and infrastructure...