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Weekly Stock Bull Finder
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Weekly Stock Bull Finder

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bearishThematic (Sector/Industry)14 Aug 2023 06:16

Weekly Stock Bullfinder - Week of 8/14

The start of the second half of the year so far has seen a change in the market themes versus the first half of the year.

bullishThematic (Sector/Industry)24 Jul 2023 07:56

Weekly Stock Bullfinder - Week of 7/24

So far in 2023, mega-cap growth names such as Meta, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Netflix have continued to provide market leadership resulting in a 41%...

bearishThematic (Sector/Industry)17 Jul 2023 09:30

Weekly Stock Bullfinder - Week of 7/17

After witnessing a parabolic advance at the beginning of the Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle in early 2022, the US dollar has decisely break...

bearishThematic (Sector/Industry)10 Jul 2023 07:37

Weekly Stock Bullfinder - Week of 7/10

The worst S&P 500 sector so far in 2023 has been energy which is down almost 8% getting trounced by the technology and communication services sectors.

bullishThematic (Sector/Industry)02 Jul 2023 21:02

Weekly Stock Bullfinder - Week of 7/3

In any portfolio, it’s always good to have a listing of up and coming companies on hand which you may be interested in which may have recently...