CELSYS (3663 JP)

Information TechnologyJapan
CELSYS, Inc. provides application software and digital services. The Company operates creators support business, digital books support business and planning of middleware and contents services. CELSYS also offers painting and drawing app services.
bullishCELSYS11 Sep 2023 18:28

TOPIX Inclusions: Who Is Ready (Sep 2023)

The Offer Price for I-NE (4933 JP)'s secondary sale of shares was decided today. Our estimates show the Offer Quantity could exceed the demand from...

bullishCELSYS07 Aug 2023 16:08

TOPIX Inclusions: Who Is Ready (Aug 2023)

I am Bullish on CELSYS at the current price level (JPY 672). The share price has to increase to slightly for the company to meet the Section...

bullishCELSYS05 Jun 2023 17:30

TOPIX Inclusions: Who Is Ready (Jun 2023)

There are currently 59 names that satisfy all 6 key Segment Transfer requirements based on current data. Another 72 names can satisfy 5 out of 6...

bullishCELSYS11 May 2023 00:04

TOPIX Inclusions: Who Is Ready (May 2023)

CELSYS has been working for a move to the Prime Market since August 2022 and with the recent rise in share price they could be able to satisfy all...

bullishCELSYS11 Apr 2023 17:04

TOPIX Inclusions: Who Is Ready (Apr 2023)

Amvis and Sosei will have TOPIX Inclusion events at the end of April 2023. Celsys has gained slightly and is close to being fully ready. There is...