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China MeiDong Auto (1268 HK)

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China Meidong Auto Holdings Limited is an automobile dealership and maintenance group in China.
bullishChina MeiDong Auto04 Sep 2023 23:43Broker Report

China Meidong Auto (1268 HK) – The Worst Is Over

Porsche’s new-car gross margin appears to recover the fastest among traditional luxury brands and Meidong could benefit the most among its peers.

bearishChina MeiDong Auto19 Jul 2023 08:24Broker Report

China Meidong Auto (1268 HK) – 1H23E NP to Fall 23% YoY; Mixed Picture Ahead

Maintain HOLD. We project Meidong’s 1H23E net profit to fall 23% YoY to RMB 266mn, consistent with our prior estimates of RMB 250-300mn made in Apr...

bearishChina MeiDong Auto03 Apr 2023 07:20Broker Report

China Meidong Auto (1268 HK) – Lingering industry headwinds amid high valuation

We think the weak earnings in 2H22 could extend into 1H23E. Key metrics in 2H22 trailing peers. Porsche’s new-car GPM at Meidong narrowed to a...

bullishChina MeiDong Auto03 Feb 2023 07:24Broker Report

China Meidong Auto (1268 HK) – We expect 2H22E net profit to fall 23% YoY

We believe Meidong is still best positioned among Chinese dealers with its strongest management execution and better brand mix than its peers.

bullishChina MeiDong Auto19 Oct 2022 09:45Broker Report

China Meidong Auto (1268 HK) – 3Q22 operational data may beat expectation

Although our prior projection of possible price war in the next six months could dent dealers’ new-car gross margin next year, we believe Meidong’s...