Credit Suisse Group

Credit Suisse Group (CSGN SW)

Credit Suisse Group AG operates as a wealth management firm. The Company specializes in investment banking and offers wealth management activities aiming to capitalize on both the large pool of wealth within mature markets, as well as the significant growth in wealth in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets. Credit Suisse Group serves customers worldwide.
bullishCredit Suisse Group 27 Mar 2023 10:21

Quiddity Leaderboard SE600 Jun 23: Credit Suisse, Vantage Towers, and 3 Regular Changes

Currently, Gerresheimer AG (GXI GR) and Loomis AB (LOOMB SS) are the highest-ranked non-constituents and could be favourites to become intra-review...

bearishCredit Suisse06 Apr 2021 23:48

Credit Suisse: Skating on a Thin Layer of Capital

CS is skating on thin ice from a capital perspective while its risk management blade is dulled. Asset bubbles could crack the ice. A loss of less...

bearishCredit Suisse05 Mar 2021 01:50

Credit Suisse: Greensill Sows Reputation Risks, Underweight CS Bonds

CS bonds do not fully reflect the risks, complexity, and low capitalization of the firms’ underlying business model; nor do they capture potential...

bearishCredit Suisse Group 10 Feb 2023 11:10

Credit Suisse: Key Line Items Assessed

A flight to safety from the bank's depositors and asset management clients has caused a maturity mismatch, which could affect the firm's net...

bullishCredit Suisse Group 05 Oct 2022 02:24

EQD | Credit Suisse (CSGN SW): Fears of Bank Failure Are Unjustified. Sell the Spike in Volatility

A look at Credit Suisse to assess the rumours of bank failure. We see an opportunity to sell the spike in implied vols against DBK which has also...

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