Softbank Group

Softbank Group (9984 JP)

Communication ServicesJapan
SoftBank Group Corp. provides telecommunication services. The Company also operates ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and fiber optic high-speed Internet connection, e-Commerce businesses, and Internet based advertising and auction businesses.
bearishSoftbank Group
10 Nov 2023 22:11

Softbank (9984 JP): WeWork Hangover and Other Challenges

​Softbank's exposure to WeWork is well chronicled, but other investments - namely Arm and  SVF2's portfolio - pose risks to its asset value and...

bearishSoftbank Group
04 Nov 2023 07:38

SoftBank Group (9984 JP): Results Preview, Key Topics

​WeWork bankruptcy looms, SBG's exposure at $1.4bn. Arm Holdings overvalued, providing 30% of group's equity. JPY depreciation boosts SoftBank's...

bearishSoftbank Group
19 Oct 2023 00:59

SoftBank Group (9984 JP): More Downside Risk to the NAV than Upside Potential

​SoftBank trades at a 44% discount to the NAV; it has downside risk due to high market valuations of Arm and the unlisted SVF holdings lack...

bullishSoftbank Group
21 Sep 2023 12:00

Softbank Group - Tear Sheet - Lucror Analytics

We view Softbank Group (SBG) as "Low Risk" on the LARA scale. This is mainly due to the group's low reported leverage, as measured by LTV. SBG...

bearishSoftbank Group
20 Sep 2023 20:23

Softbank (9984 JP): Arm IPO Done, the Hard Part Comes Next

​Arm Holdings IPO has boosted the SBG share price, but Arm's high valuation may not be sustainable due to Arm's over-valuation, implying a reversal...