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Smartkarma Platform

Smartkarma's cloud-based platform enables Independent Insight Providers to distribute and monetise research services in an innovative way.

What if you could do it all over again?

It is time to debunk age-old, conflicted business models and embrace positive change. Our mission is to create a cohesive, unconflicted and efficient industry that will drive more effective outcomes for all investors.

An integrated solution for your research and business needs.

Publishing Tools
Stay abreast of shifting consumption trends with a suite of publishing tools. PDF & email-based solutions are being phased out in preference of web & app-based technologies.
Compliance & Reporting
With rapidly emerging regulations such as MIFIDII, Smartkarma can help provide the necessary overlay required by a global institutional audience to consume and pay for your services.
Sales & Marketing
Smartkarma’s platform allows you to plug into a diverse, global client base immediately. Our tools help you build brand awareness, drive sales and capture market intelligence.
Data Needs
Our integrated data-desk is staffed with research associates that can assist with your data and numerical needs. This can help lower costs and streamline the research workflow.

How It Works


Diverse, New Clients

Smartkarma collects subscriptions from a diverse, global pool of traditional and non‑traditional institutional clients.

Incremental Revenue

Clients pay a single subscription tied to the number of user logins. With all payment channels open, Smartkarma can pool together revenues from these clients into a single bucket.

Transparent Payments

70% of the bucket is distributed on a monthly basis and each Insight Provider receives a share of the revenues as calculated based on their Quantified Value Add.

Premium Services

The Next Level of Insight - Calls, Meetings, Financial Models, Corporate Access & Bespoke Projects

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Buy-Side Clients

Portfolio managers and analysts currently subscribed to Smartkarma now have the ability to interact deeper with Insight Providers above and beyond their written insight.

Insight Providers

Smartkarma Insight Providers can enable Premium Services to monetise their research services and increase the breadth of service provided to buy-side clients.

John-Paul Smith 1:16

Founder of Ecstrat, John-Paul Smith, explains his experiences since joining as an Insight Provider & how Smartkarma is the perfect interface to providing value to the buy-side community.

Pelham Smithers 0:50

Founder of Pelham Smithers & Associates, Pelham Smithers, discusses some of the challenges facing independent researchers today and how Smartkarma improves client interaction.

Mark Artherton 1:11

Previously CEO of LR Investment Services & now Head of Content Strategy UK at Smartkarma, Mark Artherton, discusses the differences between traditional sell-side research and Smartkarma.

Insight Provider Payments

Subscription revenues are distributed monthly based on your Quantified Value Add. Detailed metrics help you improve the quality of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

This complete list of FAQs cover topics such as how to become an Insight Provider, how we select Insight Providers, the type of content on Smartkarma and more.

The Rising Tide Blog

Covering industry regulation, news, trends, predictions and numerous thought leadership pieces from Smartkarma's community of Insight Providers.