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Bank of China’s Stock Price Falls to 3.25 HKD, Experiencing a 1.22% Decline

Bank of China (3988)

3.25 HKD -0.04 (-1.22%) Volume: 325.55M

Bank of China’s stock price stands at 3.25 HKD, experiencing a slight dip of -1.22% in this trading session with a trading volume of 325.55M, while showcasing a promising YTD increase of +8.72%, indicating potential growth for investors.

Latest developments on Bank of China

[“Bank Of China Ltd (H) announces Q3 results”, “Bank Of China Ltd (H) to expand digital banking”, “Bank Of China Ltd (H) faces regulatory scrutiny”, “Bank Of China Ltd (H) increases investment in green finance”]

Bank Of China Ltd (H) has been in the spotlight following its recent announcement of Q3 results, which has affected its stock price movements today. The bank’s decision to expand its digital banking efforts has further influenced investor sentiment. However, the company is currently facing regulatory scrutiny, adding an element of uncertainty. Meanwhile, its increased investment in green finance showcases its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Bank of China on Smartkarma

Bank Of China Ltd (H) has recently been the subject of intense analyst coverage on Smartkarma, an independent investment research network. One of the top analysts on the platform, Daniel Tabbush, has published a bearish report on the company, raising concerns about its performance and stability. According to Tabbush, Bank Of China Ltd (H) has experienced a surge in its loan-to-deposit ratio (LDR) but a decrease in its net interest margin (NIM), which could indicate potential issues with marginal lending. Additionally, the bank’s return on equity (ROE) has significantly worsened, with higher credit costs and lower profits. This, coupled with a sharp increase in stage 3 loan write-offs, has raised doubts about the bank’s strength and earnings potential. Tabbush also notes that the bank’s ROE has dropped from 18% to 10% in recent years, with added geopolitical risk.

A look at Bank of China Smart Scores


Smart Score is a compound score for the Company indicating its overall outlook. It is derived by taking an equally weighted average of underlying Factor scores computed by Smartkarma

Bank Of China Ltd (H) has received positive scores in several key areas, indicating a promising long-term outlook for the company. With a score of 4 in Value, investors can expect the company to be undervalued and potentially offer good returns. In addition, the company received a perfect score of 5 in Dividend, suggesting a strong track record of paying dividends to shareholders. This could be appealing to investors looking for steady income from their investments.

The company also scored a 4 in Growth, indicating potential for future growth and expansion. This, coupled with a score of 3 in Resilience, suggests that the company is well-positioned to weather any potential economic downturns. Furthermore, Bank Of China Ltd (H) received a perfect score of 5 in Momentum, indicating strong positive momentum in the market. This could be a sign of investor confidence and a positive indicator for the company’s future performance.

Overall, Bank Of China Ltd (H) provides a wide range of financial services to customers around the world. With a strong track record in dividends, potential for growth, and positive momentum in the market, the company appears to have a promising long-term outlook for investors.

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