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Asiaray Announces 2019 Annual Results

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Achieves Milestone in Different Aspects

Marks its First Footstep Outside of Greater China

Further Strengthen its Extensive Business Network

HONG KONG, March 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Asiaray Media Group Limited ("Asiaray" or the "Group"; stock code: 1993), a leading out-of-home ("OOH") media company with a strategic focus on airport and metro line advertising, has announced its annual results for the financial year ended 31 December 2019.

With the Group’s solid business foundation and well developed network, it managed to achieve stable revenue at HKD1,878.4 million (2018: HKD1,929.0 million) even in the face of challenging conditions. Excluding RMB depreciation, the Group’s revenue managed to record modest growth. Due to the fluctuate business environment in the second half of 2019, the Group recorded a gross profit of HKD397.8 million, with gross profit margin at 21.2%. Furthermore, EBITDA (Earnings before earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) increased 312.6% to HKD808.7 million. The combined revenue, which provides a more concise representation of total business scale by including consolidated revenue and revenue of all associated companies amounted to HKD2.630 billion (2018: HKD2.799 billion). However, as several newly secured project were still at a ramp-up phase during the year, and the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standard 16 Leases became effective as of 1 January 2019, the combination of factors led to an initial heavy impact of the Group’s performance as reflected by a loss of the Company of HKD108.7 million.

Mr Vincent Lam, Chairman and Executive Director of Asiaray, said, "Over the past year, global economic conditions have remained erratic owing to the US-China trade war and many uncertainties. Nonetheless, Asiaray was able to maintain a stable business performance leveraging its effective business strategies and the strong business foundation. The Group has achieved different milestones during the year, particularly extended our reach to Singapore, marking the first business foothold outside the Greater China Region. In Hong Kong, we have extended our business footprint to bus business by granting the media resources of KMB and LWB. We have also introduced Ant Financial as our strategic shareholder, and officially launched the pioneer ‘online and offline ("O&O") new media’ strategy, which aims to strengthen our existing business by collaboration with O&O strategy. Together with a series of business projects in 2019, the Group is set to substantially improve its scope of business and further enrich its well-established media resources network."

Business Review

In 2019, the metro lines and billboards business segment remained to be the key revenue contributor. However, affected by the weakened operation environment, and a decline in revenue experienced by its business partner, MTR Corporation Limited and a shortfall faced by the Shenzhen Metro Lines due to the negative impact brought by the Sino-US trade war, segment revenue decreased to HKD919.3 million (2018: HKD974.9 million), while segment gross profit recorded to HKD136.7 million (2018: HKD184.3 million) and gross profit margin at 14.9%. Nevertheless, the Group secured numbers of new media resource, including the Beijing Metro Line 14, the Wenzhou Metro Line S1 and the Hangzhou Metro Line 5 during the first half year, which have broadened the business presence in the BeijingTianjinHebei region and the Yangtze River Delta respectively. In the second half year, the Group obtained an advertising concession right with Land Transport Authority ("LTA") of Singapore for the Thomson-East Coast Line, which was the Group’s first business foothold outside of Greater China. The Group also secured several new billboard resources, including some LED resources and building wraps that are new mediums for the Group. On top of it, Asiaray was also awarded two billboards and marked its first operation in Macau, including the Emperor Nam Van Centre and Hotel Inn, further enriched its well established Greater Bay Area portfolio.

The airport media advertising business recorded a stable growth in revenue, which has increased 1.6% to HKD739.3 million during the year. This was mainly attributable to the ongoing ramp-up of newly secured projects, as well as the improved performance of existing projects, including Yunnan airports, Zhuhai Airport and Urumqi Airport. Gross profit margin of 29.4% was recorded, with gross profit amounting to HKD217.3 million. The Group has strategically possessed media resources covering the entire Hainan Island. With the benefit of the offshore duty-free policy in Hainan Island, Haikou Meilan Airport is one of the very few locations in the Island operated under a provincial state-owned enterprise with permit for duty-free goods operation. In addition to Haikou Airport, the Group also operates the advertising media in the rest of the airports in the Island namely BoAo Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport. During the year, the Group has also expanded its airport media advertising network by once again securing the exclusive concession rights to continue operating media resources in the Kunming Airport. These latest concession rights will further strengthen the Group’s business presence in South and Western China, and reinforce its leading industry position in Greater China.

Further to the win of media resources of High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (Zhuhai-Macao Port), the Group has secured another new advertising medium in 2019, via exclusive concession rights with The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited ("KMB") and Long Win Bus Company Limited ("LWB") during the year. The exposure and impact of bus advertising can be highly significant and effectual given its easy reach to a huge swathe of the population. By leveraging Asiaray’s unique ‘Space Management’ approach, and ample experience in public transport advertising, the cooperative ties with KMB and LWB is believed to maximize all parties’ strengths and enable opportunities to be seized in the public transport advertising industry.

In addition, the Group continued to deploy both O&O strategies to maximize the impact of its DOOH business, hence to provide a seamless advertisement experience. In 2019, the Group’s integrated O&O strategy and existing programmatic DOOH platform were among the factors that attracted Ant Small and Micro Financial Services Group Co., Ltd. ("Ant Financial"), the owner and operator of the world’s leading payments and lifestyle platform Alipay, to become a strategic shareholder of the Group. Ant Financial has a solid foundation built in the online realm, which, along with Asiaray’s unique "Space Management" approach, can create an effective bridge linking advertising solution from the physical world to the virtual domain. During the year, the Group commenced different collaborations using online new O&O media, including collaborations with key opinion leaders, complemented by mobile applications such as TikTok that echo the offline campaigns. Leveraging the strengths of the Group, including its rich experience in O&O media, combined with the attributes of the new shareholder, it is expected to bolster its existing businesses while exploring new avenues, supported by the synergies between the two parties.


Looking ahead, the global economy is expected to experience significant headwinds, yet, despite such glum projections for the global economy, with infections gradually stabilizing and pent consumption demand continuously building, the Group remains optimistic on the long-term outlook. With a new era of consolidation likely to commence in the wake of COVID-19, the Group will leverage its robust network that covers all range of city tiers, as well as its strong cash position and sophisticated management to facilitate and capture opportunities that arise. In Mainland China, the Group will continue to spare no effort to further enhance its extensive business footprint, and provide a comprehensive network to maximize advertising value. For the Hong Kong market, it is believed that dynamic mix of media solutions, comprising metro lines, billboards, and now, bus advertising, will stand the Group in good stead in coping with whatever challenges that may come. Moreover, with the Group’s outstanding O&O strategy, it is able to provide more value-added advertising solution to the customers. The Group has secured the exclusive concession rights at MTR Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 subsequent to the review year, which connects Wu Kai Sha and Kai Tak. Asiaray will look further to strengthen the foundation to better penetrate the public transport advertising market, as well as seize new opportunities that reinforces its leadership in the OOH advertising industry in Hong Kong.

Having established a beachhead in Singapore during the review year, the Group will leverage this geographical position as springboard for expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia. The Group will direct more resources to reinforce its presence in the Lion City, as it also strives to enhance ties with SMRT Trains. Moreover, the Group has completed a programmatic transformation project with Rubicon Project in January 2020, enabling Asiaray to programmatically trade its DOOH display and video inventory across Hong Kong and Singapore. Going forward, the Group will seek more opportunities for cooperation and strive to develop even more effective online and offline solutions that cater for advertisers’ needs.

Mr. Lam concluded, "2019 marks a remarkable year to Asiaray as we achieved several milestones amid the challenging environment. We strongly trust the belief when there is challenge, there is opportunity. Although 2020 is expected to remain challenging, we are optimistic to the outlook armed by our solid foundation. We will continue to seek for suitable opportunities arising from market consolidation and provide the best OOH communication solutions with the highest return on investment in an effective manner. On the other hand, we look forward to the cooperation especially in the development of O&O strategy with Ant Financial, thus to sustain growth and create value for our shareholders."

About Asiaray Media Group Limited (stock code: 1993.HK)

Established in 1993, Asiaray is a leading out-of-home media company in Greater China with a strategic focus on airport and metro line advertising. Currently, the Group’s business network covers more than 40 cities in Greater China with media resources at over 37 airports (including exclusive concession rights at 30 airports and Sanya Phoenix International Airport Terminal 2, Hainan) and has exclusive concession rights to mainstream media resources of 19 metro lines in Greater China, the High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (Zhuhai-Macao Port). And the Group has been appointed as the advertising non-fare operator for the Singapore MRT Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) in 2019.

Asiaray is also committed to invest in corporate social responsibility and environmental protection initiatives. The Company has been awarded the "Outstanding Import and Export Enterprise Award – Innovation Excellence Award" in 2018; received "Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)" and named as a "Hong Kong Green Organisation" for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018; and also has been named as a "Caring Company" for tenth consecutive year .

For more details about Asiaray, please visit its official website: or follow the Group’s Wechat (ID: asiaray_airport).


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香港2020年3月28日 /美通社/ — 策略重心定于机场及地铁广告媒体经营的户外媒体公司雅仕维传媒集团有限公司雅仕维集团;股份代号:1993.HK)公布截至 2019 年 12 月 31 日止财政年度的全年业绩(年内)。

纵使面对具挑战性的环境,凭借集团稳健的业务基础及完善的网络,年内仍录得稳定收入 18.8 亿港元(2018年:19.3 亿港元)。撇除人民币贬值的原因,集团收入录得轻微增长。由于 2019 年下半年营商环境波动,毛利录得 397.8 百万港元,而毛利率为 21.2%。此外,EBITDA(除利息、税项、折旧及摊销前盈利)上升 312.6% 为约 808.7 百万港元。总体收入(包括合并收入及集团全部从事媒体广告业务之联营公司的收入)录得 26.3 亿港元(2018 年:28.0 亿港元)。然而,受到个别新项目仍处于起步阶段,以及香港财务报告准则第 16 号租赁于 2019 年 1 月 1 日生效,引致初期重大影响,集团截至年内录得净亏损 108.7 百万港元。

雅仕维主席兼执行董事林德兴先生表示:过去一年,由于中美贸易战及许多不确定因素,全球经济环境仍然不稳定。尽管如此,雅仕维仍能利用其有效的业务策略及强大的业务基础来维持稳定表现。年内,集团实现多个里程碑,特别是我们将业务版图扩展至新加坡,让集团首度踏出大中华地区。在香港,我们扩展业务范围至巴士业务,获得九巴和龙运巴士的媒体资源。我们亦引入蚂蚁金服为策略股东,并推出了线上线下新媒体策略,希望通过此线上线下的策略合作来加强现有业务。连同于 2019 年发展一系列的新项目,集团将致力改善业务范畴,并进一步加强其完善的媒体资源网络。


2019 年,地铁线及广告牌业务分部继续成为集团的主要收入来源。然而,受中美贸易战带来的负面影响,以及经营环境疲弱,使其业务合作伙伴香港铁路有限公司及深圳地铁线的收入下跌,分部收益因此下降至 9.19 亿港元(2018: 9.75 亿港元),分部毛利录得 1.37 亿港元(2018: 1.84 亿港元)及分部毛利率为 14.9%。尽管如此,集团上半年取得多条主要地铁线媒体资源的独家特许经营权,包括北京地铁 14 号线﹑温州轨道交通 S1 线及杭州地铁 5 号线,成功扩展于京津冀地区及长三角的业务据点。集团向新加坡陆路交通管理局取得汤申 — 东海岸线的广告特许经营权,建立集团在大中华地区以外的首个据点。集团亦取得多个新广告牌资源,包括部分 LED 资源及楼宇外墙。此外,雅仕维亦首次取得位于澳门的两个广告牌资源,分别是英皇南湾中心与盛世酒店, 进一步丰富了其完善的大湾区组合。

年内,机场业务收益录得稳定增长,收入上升 1.6%至 7.39 亿港元,主要由于持续获得一系列新项目,以及现有项目例如云南机场﹑珠海国际机场及乌鲁木齐机场的业务改善。此分部毛利达至 2.17 亿港元,毛利率为 29.4%。集团现时坐拥覆盖整个海南岛的媒体资源。受惠于海南岛的离岸免税政策,海口美兰机场是该岛内少数由省级国有企业获准从事免税品经营的地点之一。除海口机场外,集团亦拥有岛上博鳌机场和三亚凤凰国际机场的广告媒体经营权。年内,集团亦再次获得独家特许权以继续经营昆明机场的媒体资源,扩大了其机场媒体广告网络。这些新取得的特许经营权将进一步加强集团在中国西南地区的业务版图,并巩固其在大中华区的行业示范地位。

继集团获得高速铁路(香港段)和港珠澳大桥(珠澳口岸)的独家媒体资源后,集团于 2019 年透过获授九龙巴士(一九三三)有限公司(九巴)及龙运巴士有限公司(龙运巴士)的独家特许经营权,取得另一项新广告媒体。由于巴士广告可轻易接触到众多人口,其曝光率及影响属非常重要及有效。凭借雅仕维独特的空间管理方法及丰富的公共运输广告经验,与九巴及龙运巴士的合作定能壮大双方的实力,并能共同把握公共交通广告市场的商机。

此外,集团贯彻落实线上线下策略,务求令数码户外广告业务发挥作用,从而提供无缝观众体验的综合策略。于 2019 年,集团的综合线上线下策略及现有的程序化数码户外广告平台,是吸引全球支付及生活平台支付宝的拥有人及营运人-浙江蚂蚁小微金融服务集团股份有限公司(蚂蚁金服)成为集团战略股东的其中因素。蚂蚁金服在线上领域拥有稳固基础,再配合雅仕维独特的「空间管理」模式,正好打造出有效连接实体世界到虚拟领域的广告解决方案。年内,集团在不同合作方案中采用新的线上线下媒体,包括与网络红人合作,以及透过抖音等手机应用程序结合线下宣传。凭借集团的优势,包括其在线上线下媒体方面的丰富经验,以及新股东具有的优势,预计双方合作所产生的协同效应,将能加强现有业务,同时开拓新发展路向。



集团于年内在新加坡设立首个据点后,将利用此地理位置为跳板,进一步扩大其在东南亚的业务版图。集团将投入更多资源以加强其在新加坡的业务,同时亦会积极维持与新加坡地铁密切关系。此外,集团于今年一月已完成与全球数码广告交易平台 — Rubicon Project 合作的程序化转型项目,让集团能就其于香港及新加坡的数码户外广告发布及录像库存进行程序化地买卖。展望将来,集团将寻求更多合作机会,致力发展出更有效的线上线下方案,以切合广告客户的需求。

林先生总结:2019 年对雅仕维来说是意义非凡的一年,集团在充满挑战的环境中仍能实现多项里程碑。我们坚信有危便有机这信念,即使预计 2020 年将继续充满挑战,凭着集团扎实的业务基础,我们对前景仍然保持乐观。我们将继续从市场整合中寻求合适的机会,以高效率方式提供户外广告解决方案,以获取高投资回报。另外,我们期待与蚂蚁金服的合作,发展线上线下策略,从而维持稳定增长及为股东缔造价值。


雅仕维于 1993 年成立,是策略重心定于机场及地铁的大中华地区户外媒体公司。集团现时的业务网络覆盖大中华地区超过 40 个城市,包括于 37 个机场提供主要媒体资源服务(其中 30 个机场和海南三亚凤凰国际机场 2 号航站楼为独家特许经营),以及拥有大中华地区 19 条地铁线路,高速铁路(香港段)和港珠澳大桥(珠澳口岸)的主要媒体资源独家特许经营权;集团并于 2019 年成为新加坡地铁汤申-东海岸线(TEL)的广告非车费经营者。

雅仕维一直不遗余力履行企业社会责任,其在环保方面的努力获得官方肯定,由 2016 至 2018 年连续三年荣获香港环境卓越大奖香港绿色机构的荣誉,并连续十年被评为商界展关怀机构。



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深圳2020年3月28日 /美通社/ — 3月27日早间,创维集团有限公司(下称“集团”,香港联交所股票编号:00751)发布了截至2019年12月31日止12个月、未经审计的业绩报告。报告显示,2019年创维集团持续推进精细化经营管理,采取多种综合手段提高企业经营效率,提升产品的毛利率,进一步提升集团盈利能力。
















回顾2019年,本集团积极响应国家超高清视频产业行动计划,通过深化布局4K,推动家庭终端盒子、智能接入设备以及泛智能终端的产品等主营业务的发展,实现了包括广电运营商、三大通信运营商、国内互联网OTT零售市场和海外市场在内的四大市场业绩的大幅增长。尤其值得一提的是,旗下创维数字公司制定并提交的多模机顶盒行业标准(ITU-T J.298)获得国际电信联盟正式批准并发布,实现了集团在国际标准领域的突破。随着5G时代的到来,集团携手三大通信运营商战略合作伙伴,加快智能家庭生态的建设,布局智能家庭的入口,实现产品销量呈倍数增长;在海外市场,集团进一步拓展传统Pay TV市场,积极开拓与Google、Netfix达成战略合作伙伴关系;同时,通过海外运营商的光纤改造实现了PON、Wifi路由器、4G无线路由器等硬件的销售提升,使得海外智能系统技术业务表现抢眼,整体销量居全球前列。



紧抓8K、5G、AI、VR等产业契机,集团前瞻性提出家电家居化概念,推出全新“物种” — 融合多种先进技术,具有语音、触控等多种功能的智控中心(系统)产品,引领创维全品类智能家电产品升级,打造具有创维特色的、以“家”为中心的现代人居产业。未来,集团将加大支援创维智能人居系统研发,以智能人居系统技术拉动终端产品智能化发展,促进智能人居产业的发展。











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香港2020年3月28日 /美通社/ — 香港上市公司积木集团有限公司(下称:“积木集团”,08187.HK)发布了未经审核2019年全年业绩公告。报告显示,公司于2019年全年共实现综合收入1.1亿港元,同比下降49.8%,其中两大主营业务鞋履和贷款中介服务分别贡献3103万、7915万港元,均录得亏损。







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엠파이어스테이트빌딩, 아이하트미디어의 Z100과 파트너십을 맺고 야간 음악조명쇼를 시작

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뉴욕, 2020년 3월 28일 /PRNewswire/ — 엠파이어스테이트부동산신탁[Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT)]과 아이하트미디어[iHeartMedia (나스닥: IHRT)]는 뉴욕의 Z100 라디오 방송과 엠파이어스테이트빌딩의 세계적으로 유명한 타워 조명을 통해 집에 머물고 있는 사람들에게 다가갈 수 있는 파트너십을 체결했다고 오늘 발표한다. 3월 27일 금요일 밤 9시 엠파이어스테이트빌딩 타워는 앨리샤 키스가 부르는 뉴욕시의 현대 송가격인 엠파이어 스테이트 오브 마인드에 싱크로하는 조명쇼를 통해 뉴욕시 스카이라인에 빛을 밝히고 아이하트마디어의 Z100을 방송한다. 이 노래는 아이아트라디오 앱에서도 스트리밍된다.

이 조명쇼는 뉴욕시 야경을 밝히기 위해 3월 28일 토요일에 리플레이되며 그 다음 3월 30일 월요일부터 4월 2일 목요일까지 다시 리플레이된다. 3월 29일 일요일 엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 밤 9시부터 10시까지 "폭스가 마련하는 미국을 위한 아이하트 리빙룸 콘서트"가 지원하는 다이내믹한 하트비트를 통해 빛을 발한다.

현재 매일 벌어지고 있는 보건 위기에 대처하는 구급 요원들에게 영광을 돌리기 위해 Z100의 엘비스 듀란은 COVID-19와 싸우는 최전선에 있는 이 놀라운 사람들을 부각하는 스포트라이트 인터뷰와 함께 밤 8시 55분 모든 조명쇼를 시작한다.

ESRT의 엠파이어스테이트빌딩과 IHRT의 Z100은 우리가 COVID-19를 물리치기 위해 협력하고 있는 상황에서 매 금요일 밤 새로운 쇼들을 초연한다. 4월 3일 초연되며 일 주일 동안 밤에 펼쳐질 새로운 음악조명쇼 발표 장면을 보고 듣기 바란다.

집 창문, 옥상 혹은 인도에서 이 조명쇼를 보면서 관계 당국의 지시에 따르고 사회적 거리두기를 계속해야 함을 잊지 말기 바란다. 아이하트미디어의 Z100과 뉴욕시의 상징 엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 우리의 도시, 우리의 나라 그리고 우리의 세계가 치유되고 균형 감각을 유지할 수 있도록 힘을 합치고 있다. 게다가 세계적인 조명 아티스트 마크 브릭먼이 디자인한 이 조명쇼는 엠파이어스테이트빌딩의 페이스북 페이지에 스트리밍된다.  

앤서니 E. 멀킨 ESRT 회장 겸 CEO는 "엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 희망, 위기 극복 그리고 뉴욕시 그 자체의 국제적인 상징으로 항상 임해왔다"면서 "미국 라디오 방송의 상징인 아이하트라디오와 함께 동 빌딩은 뉴요커, 미국과 전세계에 위로와 감동을 전한다"고 말했다.

일반인들은 우리 모두가 늘 서로 연결할 수 있다는 사실을 공유할 수 있도록 엠파이어스테이트빌딩과 아이하트라디오 태그를 다는 #EmpireStateBuilding 및 #iHeartNewYork 해시태그를 통해 자신들의 소셜미디어 페이지에 자신들을 찍은 동영상을 올림으로써 이 대화에 참여할 수 있다.

톰 폴먼 아이하트미디어 최고프로그램책임자는 "뉴요커들은 어려운 시기에 서로 합치고 격려하는 방법을 늘 찾는다"면서 "우리는 뉴욕의 상징들인 Z100과 엠파이어스테이트빌딩을 통해 음악조명쇼를 진행함으로써 우리 나라의 회복력과 강인함을 보여주면서 음악이 갖고 있는 치유의 힘을 통해 청취자들에게 위로를 계속 전할 수 있기를 희망한다"고 말했다.

엠파이어스테이트빌딩과 아이하트미디어에 대한 상세 정보가 필요할 경우 www.empirestatebuilding.comwww.iHeartMedia.com을 방문하기 바란다.  

미드타운맨해튼에 443.2미터(지상에서 안테나 꼭대기까지) 높이로 솟아오른 엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 엠파이어스테이트부동산신탁이 소유주로서 "전세계에서 가장 유명한 빌딩"이다. 에너지 효율과 인프라, 공공 장소와 편의 시설에 대한 신규 투자를 통해 엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 다양한 업종에 걸친 전세계 일류 입주사들을 유치했다. 엠파이어스테이트빌딩은 우버가 실시한 조사연구에서 전세계에서 가장 인기 있는 여행지로 선정되었으며 미국건축사협회가 실시한 여론조사에서 미국인이 가장 좋아하는 빌딩으로 선정되었다. 엠파이어스테이트빌딩에 대한 상세 정보가 필요할 경우,,,,,, 혹은를 방문하기 바란다.  

엠파이어스테이트부동산신탁(NYSE: ESRT)은 유수의 부동산투자신탁(REIT)으로서 "전세계에서 가장 유명한 빌딩"인 엠파이어스테이트빌딩을 포함 맨해튼과 광역 뉴욕 메트로폴리탄 지역에 소재한 사무실 및 상업용 부동산을 소유, 관리, 운영, 취득하고 재배치한다. 뉴욕주 뉴욕시에 본사가 있는 동사의 사무실 및 상업용 부동산 포트폴리오는 2019년 12월 31일 현재 임대 면적 기준 93만 9천 3백 평방미터를 보유하고 있으며 여기에는 맨해튼에 9 개, 코네티컷주 페어필드카운티에 3개와 뉴욕주 웨스트체스터카운티에 2 개 등 14개의 사무용 임대 부동산 87만 4천 평방미터와 상업용 임대 포트폴리오 약 6만 5천 평방미터가 포함되어 있다.

아이하트미디어뉴욕은 WHTZ-FM, WKTU-FM, WAXQ-FM, WWPR-FM, WLTW-FM과 WOR-AM을 소유 운영하고 있다. 아이하트미디어(나스닥: IHRT)는 미국 최고의 오디오 회사로서 미국인 10명 중 아홉이 매월 듣고 있으며 2억5천만 명의 월간 청취자를 보유함으로써 미국의 여타 미디어 회사보다 많은 애청자를 거느리고 있다. 오디오 분야에서 동사가 갖고 있는 주도적 위치는 150 여개 시장에서 850개 이상의 라이브 방송국, 250여개의 플랫폼과 2천개 이상의 기기에서 들을 수 있는 동사의 아이하트라디오 디지털 서비스를 통한 디지털 라디오, 동사의 온에어 인플루언서, 소셜, 브랜드가 된 유명 라이브 음악 행사와 최고의 상업 팟캐스트 퍼블리셔인 팟캐스트 등 여러 플랫폼 등으로 확장되어 있다. 또한 아이하트미디어는 엄청난 수의 소비자들로 나오는 데이터를 활용하고 동사의 스마트오디오 제품을 통해 동사의 마케팅 파트너들을 위한 분석, 타기팅 그리고 수익 귀속 분야에서도 오디오 업계를 리드하고 있다. 상세 정보가 필요할 경우 iHeartMedia.com을 방문하기 바란다.

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Ping An Donates US$1.5 million of COVID-19 Medical Supplies to Indonesia

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HONG KONG and SHANGHAI, March 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereafter "Ping An" or the "Group", HKEx:2318; SSE:601318) announced that in response to the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit’s call to support Indonesia in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, Ping An and its Chairman Ma Mingzhe have donated a batch of medical supplies to Indonesia with a total value of US$1.5 million. The supplies include medical equipment, such as COVID-19 diagnostic test kits, infusion pumps and patient monitors. The donation also includes medical technology support such as COVID-19 smart image-reading system and AskBob medical AI assistants.

In detail, the donated items include 10,000 sets of safety goggles, 10,000 sets of COVID-19 diagnostic test kits, 150,000 swab kits, 200 infusion pumps, and 100 patient monitors. Medical technology support includes 1,000 sets of COVID-19 smart image-reading system and 10,000 AskBob medical AI assistants. The medical technology donated were developed by Ping An. The AskBob medical AI assistant can be used to provide the public with COVID-19 education and Q&A assistance. The COVID-19 smart AI-empowered image reading system can generate accurate and rapid analysis of CT scans for each individual case within 15 seconds, with an accuracy rate reaching 97%. This service can aid and support doctor efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis. Ping An’s COVID-19 smart image-reading system has provided services to more than 1,500 medical institutions in China, including Hubei Province, and has assisted doctors with analysis in over a million CT scans for more than 20,000 patients.

In the past two months, the COVID-19 situation in China has improved with businesses and lives gradually returning to normal. However, the epidemic is still raging in many parts of the world, posing severe challenges to the health systems of many countries. On 20 March, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, declared a state of emergency and urgently needed support from the international community in terms of medical supplies and epidemic detection. This donation is in response to the Indonesian government’s request for international assistance.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Ping An has continuously introduced various initiatives in terms of insurance protection, public welfare donations and medical services, to play its part as a responsible corporate citizen. So far, Ping An has donated more than USD20 million (RMB150 million) of supplies and cash in China. Ping An has also provided free insurance protection for frontline medical staff, journalists, police officers and volunteers. Ping An joined hands with Ming Yuan Charity Fund and has donated RMB18 million to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to support the Phase III clinical trials of COVID-19 drug Remdesivir and other clinical trials to combat COVID-19.

Ping An’s subsidiary Ping An Good Doctor has cooperated with 62 provincial, municipal and regional governments to provide real-time online and phone consultations. Since the outbreak, the total number of platform visits handled was 1.72 billion. Ping An Healthcare Testing Center was among the first batch of third party medical institutions authorized by Hubei Province to carry out the Nucleic Acid Test (NAT); the primary reference for COVID-19 diagnosis. The Center has also deployed 64-slice Mobile CT imaging vehicles, with over 500 tests conducted daily and over 22,000 tests conducted to date. Ping An Smart Healthcare, the smart health care team of subsidiary Ping An Smart City, created the "National Real-time COVID-19 Update System", covering 21 provinces and 31 cities. It provides smart epidemic forecasting for relevant national ministries and commissions as well as 15 provincial health committees, achieving more than 98% accuracy for 1-day forecast and 97% accuracy for 7-day forecast. Ping An Good Doctor cooperated with Grab, the Southeast Asia ride-hailing service provider, to co-launch an online medical service platform "GrabHealth" to help Indonesia in the fight against COVID-19, providing more than 10,000 daily consultations. 

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart." Ping An said, "The Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit has called on the international community to work together to establish a united front to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, which is a common threat to humanity. Unity and cooperation is needed more than ever as the coronavirus knows no borders. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, countries around the world, including Indonesia, have supported China in fighting the epidemic. At present with many countries and regions suffering from the epidemic, Ping An stands ready to do its part by leveraging its advantages in insurance protection, financial services and healthtech to help prevent and control the global epidemic, and looks forward to a resounding victory in the fight against the epidemic in the near future."

– End –

About Ping An Group

Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. ("Ping An") is a world-leading technology-powered retail financial services group. With over 200 million retail customers and 516 million Internet users, Ping An is one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

Ping An has two over-arching strategies, "pan financial assets" and "pan health care", which focus on the provision of financial and healthcare services through our integrated financial services platform and our five ecosystems of financial services, health care, auto services, real estate services and smart city services. Our "finance + technology" and "finance + ecosystems" strategies aim to provide customers and internet users with innovative and simple products and services using technology. As China’s first joint stock insurance company, Ping An Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate reporting and corporate governance. The Company is listed on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

In 2019, Ping An ranked 7th in the Forbes Global 2000 list and 29th on the Fortune Global 500 list. Ping An also ranked 40th in the 2019 WPP Millward Brown BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands list. For more information, please visit

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Empire State Building In Partnership With iHeartMedia’s Z100 To Kick Off Nightly Music-To-Light Shows

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NEW YORK, March 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) and iHeartMedia (Nasdaq: IHRT) today announce their partnership to reach those sheltering at home with New York’s Z100’s radio waves and Empire State Building’s world-famous tower lights.  On Friday, March 27, at 9:00 p.m., the tower of the Empire State Building will illuminate the New York City skyline and beam iHeartMedia’s Z100 with a light show synced to the modern era anthem of New York City, Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind. The song will also be available to stream on the iHeartRadio app.

To keep the light of New York City bright, the light show will replay on Saturday, March 28, and then again from Monday, March 30 through Thursday, April 2. On Sunday, March 29, the Empire State Building will shine in a dynamic heartbeat from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in support of the "FOX PRESENTS THE IHEART LIVING ROOM CONCERT FOR AMERICA."

To honor the first responders who tackle this health crisis daily, Z100’s Elvis Duran will kick off every light show at 8:55 p.m. with a spotlight interview to highlight the amazing individuals who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

ESRT’s Empire State Building and IHRT’s Z100 will premiere new shows each Friday night as we work together to beat COVID-19. Listen and watch for the announcement of a new music-to-light show that will premiere on Friday, April 3, and play nightly for one week.  

Remember to comply with the directions of authorities and maintain social distance while you watch from your window, rooftop, or sidewalk. The power of iHeartMedia’s Z100 and the icon of New York City, the Empire State Building, join to help our city, our country, and our world heal and maintain perspective. Additionally, the show, designed by world-renowned lighting artist Marc Brickman, will be streamed on the Empire State Building’s Facebook page.

"The Empire State Building has always served as an international symbol of hope, of challenges overcome, and of New York City itself," said Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman and CEO, ESRT. "With iHeartRadio, the radio network of America, she provides comfort and inspiration to New Yorkers, America, and the world."

The public is invited to join the conversation by posting a video of themselves to their social media pages with the hashtag #EmpireStateBuilding and #iHeartNewYork tagging both the Empire State Building and iHeartRadio to share how we are all still able to connect with each other.

"New Yorkers always find a way to unite and encourage one another during challenging times," said Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer for iHeartMedia. "Our hope is to continue to provide some comfort to our listeners through the healing powers of music, as we show our country’s resilience and strength with a music-to-light show through New York icons Z100 and the Empire State Building."

For more information about the Empire State Building and iHeartMedia, please visit and

About the Empire State Building
Soaring 1,454 feet above Midtown Manhattan (from base to antenna top), the Empire State Building, owned by Empire State Realty Trust, Inc., is the "World’s Most Famous Building." With new investments in energy efficiency, infrastructure, public areas and amenities, the Empire State Building has attracted first-rate tenants in a diverse array of industries from around the world. The Empire State Building was named the world’s most popular travel destination in a study conducted by Uber and was named America’s favorite building in a poll conducted by the American Institute of Architects. For more information on the Empire State Building, please visit,,,,,, or

About Empire State Realty Trust
Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT), a leading real estate investment trust (REIT), owns, manages, operates, acquires and repositions office and retail properties in Manhattan and the greater New York metropolitan area, including the Empire State Building, the "World’s Most Famous Building." Headquartered in New York, New York, the Company’s office and retail portfolio covers 10.1 million rentable square feet, as of December 31, 2019, consisting of 9.4 million rentable square feet in 14 office properties, including nine in Manhattan, three in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and two in Westchester County, New York; and approximately 700,000 rentable square feet in the retail portfolio.   

About iHeartMedia New York
iHeartMedia New York owns and operates WHTZ-FM, WKTU-FM, WAXQ-FM, WWPR-FM, WLTW-FM and WOR-AM. iHeartMedia (NASDAQ: IHRT) is the number one audio company in the United States, reaching nine out of 10 Americans every month – and with its quarter of a billion monthly listeners, has a greater reach than any other media company in the U.S. The company’s leadership position in audio extends across multiple platforms, including more than 850 live broadcast stations in over 150 markets; digital radio via its iHeartRadio digital service available across more than 250 platforms and 2,000 devices; through its on-air influencers; social; branded iconic live music events; and podcasts as the #1 commercial podcast publisher. iHeartMedia also leads the audio industry in analytics, targeting and attribution for its marketing partners with its SmartAudio product, using data from its massive consumer base. Visit for more company information.

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AU Optronics Corp. Files 2019 Annual Report on Form 20-F

By | EN, PR

HSINCHU, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TWSE: 2409; OTC: AUOTY) today announced that it has filed its annual report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2019 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). The 2019 20-F is available on AUO’s website at and on the website of the SEC at Hard copies of the audited financial statements included in the 2019 Form 20-F are available upon request to shareholders free of charge. To request a copy of the 2019 Form 20-F, please forward your request to


AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO") is one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions. Based on its profound R&D and manufacturing experience, AUO offers a full range of display applications and smart solutions integrating software and hardware, and leverages its core expertise to enter new business areas such as solar, smart retail, general health, circular economy and smart manufacturing service. Additionally, AUO has also been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 2010. AUO’s consolidated net revenues in 2019 were NT$268.79 billion. For more information, please visit

Safe Harbour Notice 

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TWSE: 2409), a global leader of TFT-LCD panels, today announced the above news. Except for statements in respect of historical matters, the statements contained in this Release include "forward-looking statements" as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are based on our management’s expectations, projections and beliefs at the time regarding matters including, among other things, future revenues and costs, financial performance, technology changes, capacity, utilization rates, yields, process and geographical diversification, future expansion plans and business strategy. Such forward looking statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties that can cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements, including risks related to the flat panel display industry, the TFT-LCD market, acceptance of and demand for our products, technological and development risks, competitive factors, and other risks described in the section entitled "Risk Factors" in our Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on March 27, 2020. In addition, our SEC reports, including our Annual Report on Form 20-F contains other information on these and other factors that could affect our financial results and cause actual results to differ materially from any forward-looking information we may provide. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events, new information or future circumstances.


Cision View original content:

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行政总裁变更 – 金宝通迎来新篇章

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香港2020年3月27日 /美通社/ — 金宝通集团有限公司(金寳通本公司,连同旗下子公司合称本集团,股份代号:320.HK)董事会(董事会)宣布,本公司之非执行董事欧阳伯康先生(欧阳伯康先生)将自2020年4月1日起调任为执行董事,并将接替 OWYANG King 博士为行政总裁。是次调任为本公司在企业管理上的一个长远而审慎的人事安排,可有效确保管理团队的平稳过渡,继续为身处电子制造业和物联网服务的客户提供专业和创新的解决方案。是次调动后,OWYANG King 博士将留任为本公司之执行董事,利用其研发上的专门知识继续为本公司作出贡献。

欧阳伯康先生,52岁,在综合管理及企业界拥有逾28年经验。自集团于2006年10月成功上市至2009年10月期间,欧阳伯康先生于本公司担任执行董事兼行政总裁一职,其后另谋发展机会。自2009年以来,欧阳伯康先生先后于一家香港投资公司,Vida Nova Ventures 担任主席,且自2016年起于一家专注于创新通讯及户外产品的品牌技术公司,Altis Zenus Group 担任行政总裁。欧阳伯康先生于1999年荣获香港青年工业家奖,并于2002年成为香港青年工业大使。目前欧阳伯康先生亦身任多个驰名学术组织的成员,包括香港科技大学顾问委员会委员,以及香港中文大学伍宜孙书院院务委员。

OWYANG King 博士表示:能够以行政总裁的身份去带领金寳通取得如此成就,是一种荣幸,也是我的一个骄傲。我认识的欧阳伯康先生是一位极为敬业且触角敏锐的领导者,于消费电子行业拥有丰富的品牌及产品优化经验,对于由他来出任公司的掌舵手,我感到十分安心。在未来这段时间,我期待以新角色与他保持紧密合作,相信欧阳伯康先生定能带领金寳通飞得更高更远。

欧阳伯康先生表示:对于获选为金寳通的行政总裁,我感到十分荣幸。我期待日后与 OWYANG King 博士、董事会、以及本公司出色的团队共同努力,把金寳通带到全球大舞台。我希望本人的知识能帮助本集团洞识最新市场走势,并凭借我们持续丰富的产品组合,拓展业务至新的地域市场,为股东带来可持续回报。同时,我亦感激 OWYANG King 博士对本公司的贡献,相信他将继续善用其在技术和产品研发方面的专业知识,协助本集团把高质量的制造及设计方案带到消费者。

是次人事变更后,欧阳伯康先生将主要负责集团的整体策略规划、业务发展、企业决策,以及日常管理。OWYANG King 博士将继续投放他的资源及时间,专注技术研发。本集团以及其董事会谨藉此机会欢迎欧阳伯康先生,并感激 OWYANG King 博士在其出任行政总裁期间对本公司作出之宝贵贡献。


金宝通集团有限公司是一家专注于设计,制造及物联网(“IoT”)解决方案的电子制造企业,为已建立的多元化客户提供定制的一站式设计及制造解决方案。透过定制专利和先进的研发能力,本集团亦于在欧洲和北美市场上推出了自家品牌 SALUS。

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Change of CEO – Computime is Unfolding a New Chapter

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HONG KONG, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The board of directors (the "Board") of Computime Group Limited ("Computime" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries the "Group", stock code: 320.HK) announces that Mr. AUYANG Pak Hong Bernard ("Mr. Bernard AUYANG"), a Non-executive Director of the Company, has been re-designated as an Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Dr. OWYANG King with effect from 1st April 2020. This announcement represents the Group’s ongoing and thoughtful planning in management organization, which ensures a smooth transition for Computime as the Company continues to deliver specialized and innovated solutions in the electronics manufacturing and Internet of Things service space. Dr. OWYANG King will remain as an Executive Director as a result of the transition, and will allow the Company to continue to benefit from his expertise in research and development.

Mr. Bernard AUYANG, aged 52, has over 28 years of experience in general management and the corporate industry. He was in his latest position as an Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer with the Company between October 2006, the time of successful listing, and October 2009, later deciding to pursue other ventures. After, he has been the Chairman of Vida Nova Ventures, a Hong Kong based investment firm, since 2009, and the Chief Executive Officer of Altis Zenus Group, a brand and technology company focusing on innovative communication and outdoor products since 2016. Mr. Bernard AUYANG was also a recipient of the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong in 1999, and was named the Hong Kong Young Industrial Ambassador in 2002. He remains as part of several prestigious academic bodies including the court member of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and a member of the committee of Overseers of Wu Yee Sun College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

"I am very proud of the accomplishments made by Computime, and leading it as its Chief Executive Officer has been an honour and privilege," said Dr. OWYANG King. "Bernard is a highly-dedicated and talented leader, with a wealth of experience in the consumer electronics sector regarding branding and product enhancement. I am very confident that the Company is in good hands and I look forward to working with him closely in my new position as Bernard leads Computime to even greater heights."

Mr. Bernard AUYANG said, "I am deeply honoured and humbled to have been selected as the next Chief Executive Officer of Computime and I look forward to working closely with Dr. King, the Board, and the Company’s truly-exceptional staff to continue on bringing Computime to the global stage. I hope my expertise would help in identifying the latest market trends and tapping into new geographical markets through our growing and diversifying product portfolio, eventually delivering sustainable values to our shareholders. I am grateful for Dr. King’s contributions to the Company and I have no doubt that he will continue to leverage his expertise in technology and product development as part of the Group’s mission to deliver quality manufacturing and design solutions to our customers."

After the re-designation, Mr. Bernard AUYANG would be responsible for corporate strategy planning, business development, corporate decision making, and general management of the Group. Meanwhile, Dr. OWYANG King will continue to dedicate his resources and time, focusing on the research and development of future technologies. The Group and the Board would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Bernard AUYANG on board, and to express their sincere gratitude to Dr. OWYANG King for his valuable efforts and contributions to the Group during his tenure of service as the Chief Executive Officer.

About Computime Group Limited

Computime Group Limited is a specialist in design, manufacturing and Internet of Things solutions in the electronics manufacturing services space, offering customized, turnkey design and manufacturing solutions to its established and diversified list of clients. Through bespoke IP and sophisticated research and development capabilities, the Group has also launched its own line of proprietary products under the brand SALUS in the European and North American markets.

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