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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s Stock Price Drops to 4.01 HKD, Experiencing a 0.50% Decline

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (1398)

4.01 HKD -0.02 (-0.50%) Volume: 207.82M

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s stock price currently stands at 4.01 HKD, experiencing a slight dip of 0.50% this trading session, with a notable trading volume of 207.82M. Despite the fluctuation, ICBC’s stock maintains a positive YTD percentage change of 4.97%, highlighting its robust performance in the market.

Latest developments on Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

[“ICBC reports profit growth”, “ICBC expands into new markets”, “ICBC innovates with digital banking”, “ICBC strengthens risk management”]

ICBC (H) stock price has seen considerable movement today following a series of key events. The banking giant reported significant profit growth, further fueling investor confidence. Their recent strategic expansion into new markets has diversified their portfolio, promising potential for increased revenue. ICBC’s innovative approach to digital banking has also been a game-changer, modernizing their services in line with current market trends. Lastly, the bank’s strengthened risk management has further solidified its financial stability, making it an attractive prospect for investors.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Smartkarma

Huijin’s increase in shareholdings of the big four banks may signal temporary bottoming of the stocks. According to Fern Wang‘s research report on Smartkarma, Central Huijin, the sovereign wealth fund, has recently increased their shareholding of the Big 4 banks in China, including ICBC (H). This move, unlike their previous actions, suggests that Huijin will continue to increase its stakes in these banks over the next 6 months, providing a stabilizing force for the stock prices. This is particularly significant as worries about the banks’ exposure in the property market and LGFV have caused a significant decline in their stock prices.

A look at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Smart Scores


Smart Score is a compound score for the Company indicating its overall outlook. It is derived by taking an equally weighted average of underlying Factor scores computed by Smartkarma

The long-term outlook for ICBC (H) looks promising, with the company receiving high scores across the board from Smartkarma’s Smart Scores. These scores, ranging from 1 to 5, indicate the overall outlook for the company in various areas. ICBC (H) received a score of 4 for Value, indicating that it is considered a strong investment option. The company also received a perfect score of 5 for Dividend, meaning it is expected to provide a steady stream of income for investors.

In addition, ICBC (H) received a score of 4 for Growth and Resilience, indicating that it is expected to see steady growth and has a strong ability to withstand challenges. The company also received a perfect score of 5 for Momentum, indicating that it is currently performing well and is likely to continue to do so in the future. Overall, these scores suggest that ICBC (H) is a solid choice for investors looking for a stable and profitable banking option.

Based on the company’s description, ICBC (H) is a banking company that offers a wide range of services such as deposits, loans, foreign currency settlement, and more. It serves a diverse range of clients, including individuals, enterprises, and other businesses. With its high Smart Scores across various categories, it is clear that ICBC (H) is a strong and reliable option for investors in the long run.

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