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Smartkarma Launches Corporate Solutions to Bring Together Listed Companies, Investors, and Analysts Under a Single Network

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An All-in-one Solution to Address All Stakeholder Needs

SINGAPORE, 14 AUGUST 2019: Smartkarma, the global investment research network, today unveiled Corporate Solutions, a brand-new range of services that bring corporates into Smartkarma’s network of independent analysts and institutional investors.

Unlike other such services, Corporate Solutions is the first to take a holistic view, creating an ecosystem where corporates, analysts, and investors can connect and interact within a single network.

This empowers C-Suite and Investor Relations (IR) personnel of companies, both listed and those coming to market. IR departments currently struggle with finding the right investors to reach out to, and maintaining lines of communication with analysts. C-level executives want to get the right message about their company out to the right people, and keep track of what investors and analysts think.

In the face of limited research coverage from sell-side analysts, regulatory changes such as MiFID II, and investor relations departments’ specific needs, Smartkarma Corporate Solutions put forward an integrated, digital-first range of services for all stakeholders involved.

Companies across the world will now be able to communicate seamlessly with analysts and investors, monitor sentiment, track industry performance, and benchmark instantly against peers. This also serves to enhance investors’ understanding of and accessibility to these companies.

To benefit from this ecosystem, users can start accessing Corporate Solutions immediately with a Smartkarma account.

Ahead of the official launch, over 70 companies have signed up to use Corporate Solutions. In addition to those, following a strategic investment in Smartkarma from Singapore Exchange (SGX), SGX-listed companies will be some of the next corporates to join the network.

“The launch of Corporate Solutions marks the end of an intensive pilot program that Smartkarma ran in partnership with SGX,” says Anisha Kundu, Head of Corporate Solutions. “We are glad to bring to the market a solution that C-Suite and Investor Relations can use to address the challenges they face. It will not only empower IR professionals but also prove to be a conduit for investors and analysts to engage with the corporates that they seek to invest in and publish research on, respectively.”

“With Corporate Solutions, we are leveraging the power of our global network to address increasingly relevant needs by corporate stakeholders, arising from regulatory change and market uncertainty,” says Raghav Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Smartkarma. “This is the next step on Smartkarma’s path to building a network that powers connection and collaboration among all stakeholders – a true digital manifestation of capital markets.”

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