Smartkarma Technologies

An innovative web-stack to catalyse the growing sophistication of Buy-side and Insight Provider needs

What Matters Most

Algorithms learn from subscribers’ set preferences and behaviours to ensure each user sees relevant, tailored “What Matters Most” Insight feeds.

Unified Search & Rich Contextual Tagging

Sophisticated tagging to make searching through Smartkarma’s rapidly growing pool of Insights and Insight Providers quick and easy.

Quality Control

Proprietary analytics engine measures the value-add of each Insight Provider on the platform to ensure there is value in every Insight on the platform.

Tailored Watchlists & Notifications

Get up-to-the-minute notifications on Insights covering your preferred investment mandates, entities, and themes.


Our platform surfaces the Insights most relevant to you by learning from your interests and investment processes and priorities.

Valuation Analytics Tools

Track M&A transactions, IPOs, and Holding Companies with models that are built and updated by the platform.


Public discussions and private messages encourage differentiated thinking, deeper context, and breakthrough ideas.

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