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Tesla, Inc.’s Stock Price Takes a Hit, Dipping to $188.13 as Shares Fall by 2.81%

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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

188.13 USD -5.44 (-2.81%) Volume: 94.9M

Tesla, Inc.’s stock price currently stands at 188.13 USD, marking a decline of -2.81% in this trading session, with a significant trading volume of 94.9M. The electric vehicle giant has experienced a year-to-date (YTD) percentage change of -24.29%, reflecting its volatile performance in the stock market.

Latest developments on Tesla, Inc.

Recent developments around Tesla Motors have shown a mixed bag of events that could influence its stock price. Tesla’s internal documents reportedly revealed an increase in employee pay, while the company made a remarkable $1.8 billion last year from a side business. However, Tesla faces increased competition as seven automakers plan to build a nationwide charging network to rival Tesla’s, and Stellantis, the maker of Jeep, plans to adopt Tesla’s charging port. Tesla also had to recall 200,000 cars over reduced rearview visibility, while a rival electric vehicle company filed for bankruptcy. Amid these events, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, blamed the winter for a cut in Model Y’s price.

Tesla, Inc. on Smartkarma

According to recent analyst coverage on Smartkarma, Tesla Motors has been making headlines for its performance in the South Korean market. Douglas Kim, a bearish analyst, reported that Tesla only sold one car in January 2024 in South Korea, a significant decrease from the previous month’s sales of 1,022 vehicles. This drop in sales has been attributed to the government’s decision to slash EV subsidies for vehicles with Chinese LFP based batteries. However, Baptista Research, a bullish analyst, highlighted Tesla’s accomplishments in 2023, including record production and shipment of approximately 1.8 million vehicles. They also noted Tesla’s impressive production rate of nearly 2 million cars per year.

On the other hand, Vicki Bryan, a bearish analyst, warned that Tesla’s Q4 results were weaker than expected and that the company continues to mask underlying financial trouble. She also expressed concern that Tesla is fostering a false impression of its financial health. Meanwhile, Andrew Lu, both a bullish and bearish analyst, provided insights on Tesla’s pricing stability and cost-cutting efforts, which have resulted in a rebound in profits per EV in the fourth quarter of 2023. However, Lu also raised concerns about Tesla’s declining sales and earnings growth and its high valuation. Overall, analysts on Smartkarma have mixed views on Tesla Motors, with some highlighting its achievements and others expressing caution about its financial health and market competition.

A look at Tesla, Inc. Smart Scores


Smart Score is a compound score for the Company indicating its overall outlook. It is derived by taking an equally weighted average of underlying Factor scores computed by Smartkarma

Tesla Motors has received a Smartkarma Smart Score of 3, indicating a mixed outlook for the company. The company scores high in terms of growth and resilience, with a score of 5 for both factors. This is due to its innovative approach to designing and manufacturing electric vehicles, battery energy storage, and solar products. Tesla’s ownership of its sales and service network also gives it a competitive edge in the market. However, the company has received a lower score of 2 for value and 1 for dividends, indicating that it may be overvalued and does not provide dividends to its shareholders. Overall, Tesla’s long-term outlook seems promising, but investors should carefully consider the company’s valuation before making any investment decisions.

Tesla Motors, a multinational automotive and clean energy company, has been given a Smartkarma Smart Score of 3, indicating a mixed outlook for the company. With a score of 5 for both growth and resilience, Tesla is well-positioned in the market due to its innovative products and ownership of its sales and service network. However, the company has received a lower score of 2 for value and 1 for dividends, suggesting that investors should carefully consider the company’s valuation before investing. Despite this, Tesla’s strong focus on clean energy and its unique approach to the automotive industry make it a company to watch in the long term.

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