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Xiaomi’s Stock Price Plunges to 15.60 HKD, Witnessing a Sharp Decline of 4.18%

Xiaomi (1810)

15.60 HKD -0.68 (-4.18%) Volume: 205.85M

Xiaomi’s stock price stands at 15.60 HKD, experiencing a 4.18% decrease this trading session with a trading volume of 205.85M, yet maintaining a positive year-to-date (YTD) performance with a 4.36% increase, highlighting the company’s resilience in the competitive tech market.

Latest developments on Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi Corp, has seen a significant surge in its stock price following the launch and early success of its first electric vehicle (EV), the SU7. With over 100,000 orders received and deliveries already underway, the company’s market value has skyrocketed by $4 billion, placing it in close competition with industry giants GM and Ford. Despite warnings of potential delivery delays due to soaring demand, investors continue to express enthusiasm, contributing to a nearly 15% rally after the EV’s launch. The successful launch and strong initial sales of the SU7 have marked Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market as a promising contender.

Xiaomi on Smartkarma

Xiaomi Corp, a Chinese technology company, has recently been receiving positive coverage from top independent analysts on Smartkarma, an independent investment research network. According to Ming Lu, Xiaomi released healthy financial results despite a shrinking market and Alibaba Freshippo founder, Mr. Hou, retired from his role as the CEO. Trung Nguyen also reported that Xiaomi’s FY 2023 results were better than expected and the company is well-positioned for future growth. Additionally, Ming Lu highlighted that Xiaomi’s revenue began to grow in Q3 2023 after decreasing for five quarters. However, not all analysts share a bullish sentiment towards Xiaomi. Travis Lundy reported that there has been a broad selling of stocks, especially in the tech sector, which has affected Xiaomi’s performance. Brian Freitas also mentioned that there have been large outflows from Asia-focused ETFs, which could also impact Xiaomi’s market performance. Despite mixed sentiments, Xiaomi remains a popular company among analysts and is expected to continue performing well in the future.

A look at Xiaomi Smart Scores


Smart Score is a compound score for the Company indicating its overall outlook. It is derived by taking an equally weighted average of underlying Factor scores computed by Smartkarma

Xiaomi Corp, a leading manufacturer of communication equipment and parts, has received a promising outlook for its long-term future based on the Smartkarma Smart Scores. With a strong score of 4 for Value, the company is deemed to have solid fundamentals and is expected to perform well financially. However, Xiaomi may not be the best choice for investors seeking dividend income, as it only received a score of 1 in that category. On the other hand, the company scored a respectable 3 for Growth, indicating potential for future expansion and development. Additionally, Xiaomi received top scores of 5 for both Resilience and Momentum, suggesting a stable and positive outlook for the company. Overall, Xiaomi’s Smart Scores paint a promising picture for its future in the market.

Xiaomi Corporation, a global provider of mobile phones, smart phone software, set-top boxes, and related accessories, has been given a positive long-term outlook based on the Smartkarma Smart Scores. The company’s strong score of 4 for Value indicates that it is well-positioned for financial success. However, investors seeking dividend income may want to look elsewhere, as Xiaomi only received a score of 1 in that category. With a score of 3 for Growth, the company is expected to continue expanding and developing in the future. Furthermore, Xiaomi received top scores of 5 for both Resilience and Momentum, highlighting its stability and potential for continued growth. In summary, Xiaomi’s Smart Scores suggest a bright future ahead for the company in the global market for communication equipment and parts.

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