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Smartkarma Presents INSIGHT 2020 – a New Type of Investment Conference, in Support of COVID-19 Relief Efforts

INSIGHT 2020 will be a digital-first, Asia-focused investment conference, uniquely backed by four regional exchanges (SGX, JPX, SET, NZX) and key sponsors including global investment banks, VCs, and investment professionals. All proceeds will be donated to UNICEF’s COVID-19 relief efforts in East Asia and the Pacific – buy your ticket or donate to help us contribute towards this cause.

SINGAPORE, 30 APRIL 2020: COVID-19 has changed how we interact, do business, and share knowledge. Reiterating our conviction in the power and value of our online network, INSIGHT 2020 is Smartkarma’s response to this new challenge. INSIGHT 2020 is an all-digital event, available to everyone and streaming worldwide, enabling participants to create meaningful relationships and collaboration, and contribute in these trying times.

The investment industry is often portrayed as profit-driven, greedy, and self-serving – we want to challenge this picture as well, and use the opportunity to give back. That’s why proceeds from INSIGHT 2020 will be donated to UNICEF, to go towards their COVID-19 relief efforts in the East Asia and Pacific regions. This means that everyone can help this cause by either buying a ticket for INSIGHT 2020 or making a donation of their choice to UNICEF through our website.

In this endeavour, we are proud and privileged to have with us valuable partners and sponsors including regional exchanges (SGX, JPX, SET, NZX), global investment banks (Société Générale), leading VCs (Sequoia, Wavemaker, Jungle Ventures), tech disruptors (AWS, iSTOX), and top investment managers, advisors, and intelligence providers (Oasis, Dechert, Acuris). We are extremely grateful for their support and we look forward to welcoming more partners in this trailblazing effort.

Investment conferences traditionally tend to be one-note and overpriced, and place ego above value. INSIGHT 2020 distills the investment conference down to what really matters. It’s a multi-day digital event that puts profit to purpose and brings together investors, analysts, business heads, regional exchanges, industry thought leaders, and firms including McKinsey, DBS, Google, Ping An, China Renaissance, and more.

This unique 360-degree perspective means that attendees have the chance to hear from key incumbents, dominant disruptors, industry experts, financial intermediaries, and policymakers, all in one event. We put your interests front and centre, tackle the topics and questions that you care about, and bring some much-needed clarity in this time of insecurity and disarray.  

To further demonstrate our conviction in what can be achieved through our online network, we can help you launch your own all-digital, INSIGHT-style event. Investors can get in touch with us and find out how they can organise their own private INSIGHT, and benefit from the reinvented vision of investment conferences that Smartkarma is putting forward.

Our key thesis, the democratisation of connectivity and access, has never been more important: with markets in turmoil, businesses facing uncertainty, and general upheaval, we must ensure that the lines of communication don’t break down; that information and intelligence remain accessible; that connections and relationships can still be forged.

This is the time to be connected. This is the time for clear, independent insight. This is our Smartkarma.

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