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Smartkarma Expands Coverage with New Insight Providers

SINGAPORE, 22 April 2024: Smartkarma, the independent investment research network,  is pleased to announce significant additions to its roster of Insight Providers.

The following additions further enhance the breadth and depth of global coverage available on Smartkarma, providing subscribers with actionable and data-backed insights, and offering a more comprehensive view of the global economy.

  1. Sankalp Singh, Founder, AceGama Advisors
    Starting as a buy-side analyst in 2004, Sankalp Singh advanced to senior roles in investment research and options trading at FX Concepts in New York. In 2012, he founded AceGama Advisors in India, focusing on derivative strategies in multiple asset classes. Their approach combines proprietary analytics and data systems to inform their trading decisions and strategies and have started developing a research product on the NSE uniquely for Smartkarma.
  2. David Mudd, Asian Hedge Fund Manager, L/S Equity, Macro
    David Mudd, a veteran hedge fund manager based in Hong Kong, brings over 20 years of experience managing Asian Long/Short Equity funds. His approach blends macroeconomic analysis with detailed, bottom-up analysis, augmented by advanced technical analysis to identify thematic investment opportunities across Asia-Pacific.
  3. Mark Jolley, Lead Analyst, Transparently.AI
    With nearly four decades of experience, Mark Jolley has a storied career in investment strategy, advising major global funds and accurately predicting significant economic downturns. At Transparently.AI, he now leads efforts to employ AI to detect early signs of accounting manipulation and fraud. Their system focuses on uncovering potential corporate failures early, showcasing high accuracy in predicting high-profile fraud cases akin to Enron or Wirecard.
  4. Rikki Malik, Analyst/PM in Asia-focused, long-short, equity hedge fund
    With a 12-year background in Long/Short Equity and as a Chartered Accountant, Rikki Malik is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive top-down macro analysis approach. His expertise allows him to seamlessly transition into selecting investment themes and stocks that promise value. This method helps him navigate the complexities of the Asian financial landscape, developing strategic investment insights.
  5. Mohshin Aziz, Global Mobility/Transport, L/S Equity
    Specializing in aviation, Mohshin Aziz has extensive experience across continents and a deep focus on the aviation industry, covering airlines, travel tours, airports, airport retail & services, OEMs, online travel agents, aircraft lessors, air cargo/logistics in the APAC region. He leverages an active watchlist of 190 companies across 41 countries to identify compelling investment opportunities in the cyclical aviation sector.

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