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Smartkarma Partners Zilkroad to Double Down on Network Growth

By November 2, 2021 No Comments

The independent investment research network is looking to capture opportunities across regions and customer segments by engaging experienced professionals with on-the-ground expertise. 

SINGAPORE, 2/11/2021: Smartkarma, an independent investment research network, has partnered with Zilkroad, a professional services firm that facilitates the advance of technology companies looking to expand their global footprint through collaboration.

Smartkarma and Zilkroad will combine their strengths in order to further expand Smartkarma’s network across the UK, EMEA, and mainland China, spanning its range of products for research providers, institutional and individual investors, and corporates.

The two companies are strategically aligned on core values of integrity, collaboration, and craftsmanship, and share a common vision of the decentralised economy and the financial tools and services of tomorrow.

Zilkroad brings to the table the deep expertise of CEO Daniel Shek and Managing Director Kevin Bilsby. Kevin has had an illustrious career on the sell-side, running APAC sales trading teams for Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas, as well as a stint on the buy-side. While heading regional sales for a privately-owned Fintech in Singapore, he met Daniel, who is the co-chair of FIX Trading Community in Asia, and has worked in various capacities across product and business development in the region.

Smartkarma - Zilkroad Collaboration

As Smartkarma continues its mission of democratising finance and access to high-quality investment intelligence, it will keep pursuing collaborations with local and regional players such as South Korean financial information platform FnGuide and leading Malaysian financial services group Maybank, to support its network expansion across all stakeholders of the investing cycle.

Smartkarma leverages its strength in covering Asian capital markets at a time when Asia increasingly demands the attention of global investors and companies. Hong Kong is looking at a stronger-than-ever IPO pipeline following regulatory developments in China, while India’s equity market has surged to US$3.46 trillion, inching closer to the UK’s at US$3.59 trillion

“We are excited to be partnering with Zilkroad as we double down on our expansion across markets and customer segments. This is another step towards building a true decentralised network for the investment professionals of tomorrow, as we continue to support the growing capabilities of our insight providers,” says Raghav Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder of Smartkarma.

“China’s early economic recovery from the pandemic fueled rallies in stocks and commodities. It is an exciting time to be partnering with Smartkarma to bring their best-in-class, independent research to the trading community in China,” says Daniel Shek, CEO & Founder of Zilkroad.

“We are delighted to partner with Smartkarma and to align our strategy with the best differentiated independent research providers in the Asia-Pacific region. It will bring extraordinary opportunities for our clients and prospects, and will help Raghav and his team grow their global footprint across the financial services community,” adds Kevin Bilsby, Managing Director, Zilkroad.


About Smartkarma

Smartkarma is the independent investment research network that brings together independent Insight Providers, institutional investors, private accredited investors, and corporate IR professionals and management. We challenge conventions by providing differentiated, independent analysis on companies, markets, and industries across the world. This includes insights on areas under-reported by mainstream market coverage, including Event-Driven, IPOs & Placements, and Small/Mid-Cap Equities, as well as new and innovative asset classes such as Crypto and Digital Assets. Smartkarma’s online platform empowers asset managers and private accredited investors who want to access market-moving, differentiated intelligence; corporates who need to maximise their outreach; and analysts who wish to reach global investors with their written reports and bespoke services. Smartkarma is backed by notable investors such as Sequoia Capital, SGX, Wavemaker Partners, Jungle Ventures, and Enterprise Singapore. Learn more at


About Zilkroad

The Silk Road was an ancient trade route that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia. It was a major conduit for trade between the Roman Empire and China and later between medieval European kingdoms and China. Zilkroad was born to facilitate the advance of technology solutions between the East and West, during a time of significant focus on costs, performance, efficiency and regulation. Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with FinTech companies who are looking to expand their global footprint through collaboration. Find out more at