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Smartkarma partners with CorpXSasia, offering investors one-stop services for Corporate Access and independent insight for Asian markets

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Partnership widens scope and business opportunities for insight providers on the Smartkarma platform in light of MiFID II market reform 

Singapore, London, UK 31 July 2018: Smartkarma, the largest global network for independent research on Asian markets, announces its partnership with CorpXSasia, the leading Corporate Access provider in Asia that arranges unconflicted and regulatory-compliant meetings between global institutional investors and listed corporates in Asia.

This partnership brings value to both companies’ clients by providing a more comprehensive, one-stop opportunity for both Corporate Access and valuable insights, particularly as these markets open up with the onset of MiFID II regulation. CorpXSasia’s client base of institutional investors seek to meet with corporations through Reverse Roadshows, Thematic Roadshows and NDR’s. Smartkarma can make sure these clients are better serviced in their need for critical and quality insights, whether prior to or during a Reverse Roadshow, or as part of the follow-up. Smartkarma’s cloud-based platform enables access to over 450 insight providers covering in excess of 2,400 companies across 15 Asia Pacific markets.

CorpXSasia will now be able to offer their clients direct access to insight providers as part of the Reverse or Thematic Roadshow packages they arrange for overseas investors visiting Asia. Investors on the Smartkarma platform will now have direct access to all the packages on offer from CorpXSasia.

Smartkarma believes that corporates are a key part of the research process; a goal of this collaboration is to allow insight providers on the platform to engage fully with corporates, encouraging them to develop further business opportunities. By joining forces with CorpXSasia, Smartkarma will open up new audiences and provide new revenue streams to their insight providers.

Arjen Kuenen, Founder & Managing Director of CorpXSasia, notes: “This new partnership enables CorpXSasia clients to interact directly with experts and analysts on the ground across Asia. They can now access unconflicted insights, adding unprecedented value to their Reverse Roadshow or Thematic Roadshow.”

Smartkarma co-founder Jon Foster adds, “CorpXSasia roadshows and their unrivalled network for Corporate Access across Asia align strongly with our independent research network offering. We are excited to offer expert, independent insight to their investor clients, helping them develop more effective trading strategies and understand the corporate environment in Asia.”


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About Smartkarma

Smartkarma unlocks the value of independent insight, providing investors with high-quality, unique, expert opinion on timely themes and topics across companies, industries, and markets in Asia. Insight can be customized to individual investor needs and updated in real time as investment strategies change, helping investors consolidate relevant information and stay abreast of evolving, complex financial issues. In addition to large-cap bottom-up, coverage also includes frontier markets, small and mid-caps, and in-depth event driven/IPO analysis, helping Smartkarma’s global client base generate new trade ideas.

Smartkarma saves investors and insight providers valuable time by providing new ways to create, engage with, and distribute insight with its innovative use of technology and direct access to experts through its responsive, intuitive, cloud-based platform. Its market changing business model also meets evolving regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II. For more information please visit

About CorpXSasia

CorpXSasia Ltd. is the leading Corporate Access provider that arranges unconflicted and regulation compliant meetings between Institutional Investors and Listed Corporates in Asia. We organise complete and integrated Corporate Access itineraries. CorpXSasia represents the investor in booking the corporate meetings, essentially functioning as the client’s extended corporate network globally. What sets CorpXSasia apart is the provision of a bespoke, outsourced Corporate Access offering. CorpXSasia provides a last mile access that is free from contractual commitments on a ‘pay as you go’ structure, working off a unique model where the ‘initiating party pays’. This ensures that the annual cost of clients Corporate Access averages out.

CorpXSasia is a team of seasoned professionals from within the industry, having built up an extensive and unrivalled network of institutional investors and corporates in all the major financial centres globally. CorpXSasia provides a quality product through a high level of access, extensive network and experience, with the priority being based on the representation of the client. CorpXSasia is your efficient Corporate Access partner across time and language barriers. For more information please visit