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Insightful Additions: Smartkarma Welcomes New Providers to its Platform

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SINGAPORE, 28 September 2023: Smartkarma, the independent investment research network, is pleased to announce new additions to its growing base of Insight Providers.

The following additions to Smartkarma’s pool of Insight Providers will further elevate the breadth and depth of global coverage available on the platform. Subscribers will benefit from the actionable and data-backed insights produced on the platform, and receive a more holistic view of the global economy.

  1. Thomas Lam, Independent Economist, Forecaster and Strategist
    With over two decades in economics and finance, including roles as Chief Economist at OSK-DMG/RHB Securities and J.P. Morgan, Thomas is a globally recognised expert in economic analysis. He consistently ranks among the world’s top forecasters, earning acclaim from Bloomberg as one of ‘Wall Street’s Most Prophetic Economists’.
  1. Douglas O’Laughlin, Founder, Fabricated Knowledge
    As the insightful voice behind Fabricated Knowledge, renowned for delivering insightful, high-quality analyses in the semiconductor industry, Douglas gained expertise at Bowie Capital, Texas. His focus on the semiconductor industry, especially the evolving narrative around Moore’s law, led to the launch of Fabricated Knowledge.
  1. Charlotte van Tiddens, Quantitative Equity Analyst, DMA
    Charlotte provides extensive coverage of pivotal South African FTSE/JSE & MSCI & S&P index events. Her insights encompass quarterly JSE index forecasts and pre-rebalance weight adjustments.
  1. Delphi Digital, Crypto Research and Data
    Delphi Digital is one of the leading research firms offering institutional-grade analysis on the digital asset market and blockchain technology space. Their distinctive strength lies in their proprietary data, providing in-depth insights and a crucial edge in understanding this complex, emerging landscape.
  1. Patrick Liao, Taiwan Tech-Focused Senior Analyst
    With a decade of experience at sellside firms like JPMorgan, Nomura, and Macquarie, Patrick is a Taiwan Tech specialist and former Asia Semiconductor analyst at International Data Corp. With 11 years of experience in Taiwan’s Semiconductor industry and several US patents, he has extensive expertise in the Greater China Semiconductor sector.

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