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SPH’s Rival Offer from Cuscaden

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Today, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH SP) announced a competing privatisation offer from Cuscaden at S$2.10 cash per SPH share, which is a 40.0% premium to the share price of S$1.50 on 30 March 2021 (announcement of SPH’s strategic review), an 11.7% premium to the share price of S$1.88 on 30 July (last trading day prior to Keppel Corp (KEP SP)’s offer) and a 5.5% premium to the share price of S$1.99 on 28 October (last close prior to the trading halt). 

As discussed in SPH’s Privatisation by Keppel, on 2 August, SPH announced a privatisation offer from Keppel. The transaction involves Keppel offering S$0.668 cash per SPH share and 0.596 Keppel REIT units per SPH share along with SPH distributing-in-specie 0.782 SPH REIT units per SPH share. Based on the last close price of Keppel REIT (KREIT SP) and SPH REIT (SPHREIT SP), the total consideration is S$2.104 per SPH share, a whisker above Cuscaden’s all-cash offer.  

The two privatisation proposals are the culmination of the SPH’s strategic review to unlock shareholder value. The strategic review commenced with the announcement of the media business restructuring announced on 6 May. Shareholder approval for the media business restructuring was obtained on 10 September and is expected to be completed in December. 

While Cuscaden’s offer is broadly similar in value to Keppel’s offer, Cuscaden’s offer may be more appealing particularly to minorities. Cuscaden’s offer has greater certainty of value as it is all cash, eliminates the risk of changing REIT unit prices (Keppel REIT and SPH REIT) and does any require further shareholders' approval on the part of Cuscaden (Keppel’s offer requires approval from Keppel shareholders). Cuscaden’s offer will also not be reduced by the S$34 million break fee payable to Keppel. 

SPH responded to Cuscaden’s offer by stating that it is "not a firm offer" and it has "not entered into any definitive or binding agreement" with Cuscaden. Keppel responded to Cuscaden’s offer by stating that “we are reviewing the matter and make an announcement at an appropriate time.

In the event of a competing offer, Keppel has a switch option to proceed with the acquisition by way of an offer in lieu of proceeding with the acquisition by way of the scheme. We previously noted that the acquisition of SPH aligns with Keppel’s Vision 2030 of improving earnings quality, increasing scale and pursuing new growth initiatives. The modest premium of both competing offers to SPH’s historical long-term multiples and share prices suggests that there is room for Keppel to bump its offer and start a bidding war. 

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