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Daily Brief ECM: Kayou Pre-IPO Tearsheet and more

In today’s briefing:

  • Kayou Pre-IPO Tearsheet
  • Samhyun IPO Valuation Analysis
  • Pre-IPO Xiaocaiyuan International Holding – A “Dark Horse” In Mass Chinese Cuisine Market

Kayou Pre-IPO Tearsheet

By Ethan Aw

  • Kayou (000KAYOU CH) is looking to raise up to US$500m in its upcoming HK IPO. The deal will be run by CICC, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan.
  • Kayou is a Chinese pan-entertainment product retailer of toys, with trading cards in particular as its core product. 
  • As of 9M23 (30th Sep 23), it had an IP matrix of 44 IPs through licensing from IP partners and the development of proprietary IPs. 

Samhyun IPO Valuation Analysis

By Douglas Kim

  • Our base case valuation of Samhyun is target price of 28,106 won, which is 25% higher than the mid-point of the IPO price range (22,500 won).
  • Given the moderate upside, we have a Positive view of Samhyun IPO. Our base case valuation is based on P/E of 34.6x net profit of 8.6 billion won in 2023.
  • Samhyun developed one of the world’s first CVVD (Continuously Variable Valve Duration) technology for automobile engines, which improves fuel efficiency by controlling the engine’s valve opening time.

Pre-IPO Xiaocaiyuan International Holding – A “Dark Horse” In Mass Chinese Cuisine Market

By Xinyao (Criss) Wang

  • Based on effective strategic positioning, Xiaocaiyuan is able to seize the market’s demand for cost-effective catering during consumption downgrade and the trend of increasing restaurant chain rate in China.
  • The key for Xiaocaiyuan to generate increasing profits at low spending-per-consumer is due to its strong supply chain, which will be favored by capital especially when Xiaocaiyuan enters community catering.
  • Xiaocaiyuan International Holding (XCY HK) is better than peers. However, due to poor sentiment in HKEX, it’s not sure if Xiaocaiyuan’s valuation/share price performance could outperform peers as well.

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